Episode 145: Proximity Magazine/ Spudnik Press

June 8, 2008 · Print This Article

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This Week: Duncan and Amanda (from the Amanda Browder Show) talk to Rachel and Ed “Edmar” Marszewski about Proximity Magazine, fried chicken meals, sperm banks and much more. Max interrupts.

Also, Philip von Zweck talks to Angee Lennard about Spudnik Press! Be sure to check out their website for info on classes.

Sadly the excellent Cheryl Donegan exhibition at He Said-She Said has closed, but be sure to check out the space’s website at http://hesaid-shesaid.us.

This episode is Mohan free. No Mohans were harmed in the making of this episode.

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16 thoughts on “Episode 145: Proximity Magazine/ Spudnik Press”

  1. Ann Onymous says:

    I thought Duncan wanted to harm Mohans.

    Nice Bo Didley (sp?) Tribute.

  2. Great piece! good luck on your show AB!

    I think two of the great treasures you have in Chicago that we didn’t have when I was liviung there are Michael Workman and the Marzewski’s. Good luck with the publication!

  3. Too bad I never use the “self-correction” possibility so beautifully put in place by Chris — ‘living’ without a ‘u’ and ‘Marzewskis’ without an apostrophe. Sheesh. I may type like shit, but I record even worse. At least I can paint.

  4. Michael Workman says:

    You’re too kind, Mark. But I will second what you said about Ed and Rachel, they’re doing a great service to the art community by putting Proximity out there. Publishing is very difficult, thankless work, especially in Chicago where there’s no consumer industry support. Everybody should make a donation, financial or otherwise, to keeping it around.

  5. http://www.spcemaker.com? Mrs. Amanda mentioned this website for finding artist in residences could find it right away was looking for a link on here? Lil help? -School of successful failures undergrad here.

  6. Richard says:

    Don’t call Duncan that. It hurts his feelings…oh wait.

  7. Michael Workman says:

    For whatever reason, I find the following revealing of this whole enterprise…

    Those born on the same day as Richard Holland: Christopher Columbus, John Adams, Ezra Pound, Paul Valery, Charles Atlas and Grace Jones

    Those born on the same day as Duncan MacKenzie: Joseph Smith, Robert Bly, and Chet Baker.

    Then there’s Hudgens: Gustave Flaubert, Heinrich Heine, Christopher Plummer, Dick Van Dyke and Mary Todd Lincoln.

    Brian Andrews? Davy Crockett, Robert De Niro (reaaaly?), Mae West ( cooome ooon), Sean Penn, Samuel Goldwyn, V.S. Naipaul and Gary Powers.

    Aaaand Browder: Tolstoy, Otis Redding, Michael Keaton and…wait for it…wait for it…yep, Colonel Sanders.

    True, every bit of it. Weirdos all.

  8. Christopher says:

    Psycho Mary Todd? Ouch that hurts, my British accent might be as authentic sounding as Mr. Van Dyke but you forgot the most important Celeb of Dec 13th. Jamie Fox………

    Now I ain’t sayin’ you a gold digger, you got needs
    You want a dude to smoke, but he can’t buy weed
    You go out to eat, can’t pay, y’all can’t leave
    There’s dishes in the back, he gotta roll up his sleeves
    But while y’all washin’, watch him
    He gon’ make it to a Benz out of that Datsun
    He got that ambition, baby look in his eyes

    Oh and I was really born on Dec. 14th just the government recorded it the 13th hahaha.

  9. Tony Fitzpatrick says:

    I was born on the same day as William F. Buckley and Charlie Starkweather……..fuck.

  10. Michael Workman says:

    Tony-Buckley, eh? Sorry, man.

    But if it makes you feel any better, all I got out of the deal was River Phoenix and Keith Moon, both dead of drug overdoses…and Harry Guggenheim. Oh well, fate is cruel.

    But it’s a fun game to play anyway.

    Chris: Just for fun, Dec 14: Shirley Jackson, Don Hewitt, Patty Duke, and Lee Remnick.

  11. Michael Workman says:

    Sorry, Richard: I meant to write Grace *Slick,* not Jones. But for some reason I keep imagining you with Grace Jone’s hairdo anyway. Brr.

  12. Amanda Browdowski says:

    Did you know I was born the day Mao died….arrgh

    Also just a note , did anyone read the NYtimes article.

    As well as…http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/13/arts/design/13voge.html?scp=1&sq=jeff koons purchased&st=nyt
    Jeff Koons is now an artist AND a collector….artists supporting artists beyond donation and dinner parties.

  13. And I get a birthday with
    Ho Chi Minh,
    Malcolm X,
    Nora Ephron,
    Pete Townshend,
    Turk Wendell,
    Pol Pot,
    Carl Akeley,
    Grace Jones,
    And on May 19th in the year 2161, 8 of the 9 planets will be aligned on same side of sun

  14. Richard says:

    Amanda won that race, anyone born on the same day as the Big “o” is one lucky individual.

  15. Thanks Browder. I was born the same day s Mao, and Richard Nixon…. Go Canada!

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