Episode 127: Tom Sanford

February 3, 2008 · Print This Article

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Tom Sandford

Amanda interviews artist and master of “celebutard portraiture” Tom Sanford.

Duncan bitches a bit more about the Art Institute.

And can we have a moment of silence for Mort Garson, please.

[via Wikipedia]

Mort Garson (20 July 1924 – 4 January 2008)

Who was born in in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, was an electronic musician best known for his albums that predominantly feature Moog synthesizers.

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Hunter College
Chelsea Art Museum
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Nick Broomfield
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Snoop Dog
Rick James
Real World
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53 Responses to “Episode 127: Tom Sanford”

  1. You misspelled my name: Sanford (only one d.)

  2. Hark! the courage to misspell!
    tom SANFORD, rather than sandford. (in case you wanted to google)
    it’s a great interview this week, there should be more amanda.

  3. I guessed it but wasn’t sure. So I had to look it up. Nice word. So maybe others need this too:

    “celebutard” : “A mash-up of the words ‘celebrity’ and ‘retarded,’ the word celebutard refers to any of a crop of famous people (mostly young, mostly filthy rich) who are unable to form complete sentences in a public setting. In fact, they probably couldn’t even grasp the concept that “celebutard” is made up of two separate words.”

  4. Sorry Tom, fixing now, not sure how that one slipped past my ninja like spelling talents.

  5. At least I spelled celebutard correctly.

  6. Amanda is the one to talk to about frequency of production, we’d love to have more.

    On that note, what in the hell happened to the promised Mike B. review???

  7. I’m glad to see the Bad at Sports spelling curse is alive and well.

  8. Why does Duncan hate babies so much?

  9. Great job Amanda. Nice to hear your voice and laugh again.

  10. Tom,

    Are those “Tom Pac” tattoos permanent? They are pretty intense.


    PS. I love you.

  11. hey Duncan
    only the “2PAC” one is real (it was ‘Pac’s first tattoo), the rest were sharpie and of course the piercings are real. i had wanted to get the “Thug Life” one as the real one but my tattoo artist talked me out of it, and in retrospect i am very thankful as i feel a little uncomfortable when i take my morning swim at the 138th street public pool (harlem) with my ‘PAC tattoo. I don’t think i would have the nerve to take off my shirt if i had “Thug Life”.
    love you too

  12. Balzac,

    In answer to your question, Duncan was once beaten by a small child and it fills him with angst and rage.


  13. Balzac,

    I think it is clear. Babies present a clear and present danger to our way of life. They represent and propose a safe haven for those who are looking to destabilize our country and our interests abroad. A place where those elements can launch their attacks. We must stop babies.


  14. Mighty militaristic talk from a peaceful Canadian.

  15. Tom,

    Hug your tattoo-ist. They have your best interests at heart.


  16. Tony Fitzpatrick Says:

    Tom Sanford is great — I just saw his painting of Omar Little , from ‘The Wire’– a personal hero of mine– Sanford is the goods ……

  17. Tony,

    Where did you see it? Joanna and I have “dropped everything” to watch all four complete seasons and start season 5. I must also see it.


  18. Tony Fitzpatrick Says:

    It is on a website– I just saw it yesterday — I think it was a link on William Powhida’s site — it is a COOL painting — Omar– the coolest guy in the history of television — ‘The Wire’ should be given the Nobel Prize ….. it also might be on the website ‘anaba’…… one of those…

  19. I think my wife is in love with Omar. Thankfully he is a TV character. (and one I don’t have to live up to)

  20. tony fitzpatrick Says:

    Duncan– I don’t think you have to worry about your wife falling in love with Omar– his preference is for guys like you . I think your wife should worry about you falling in love with Omar.

    By the way — Omar has a damned impressive body-count this season…..

  21. http://anaba.blogspot.com/2008/02/tom-sanford.html

    above is the link to the place Tony probably saw my Omar poster – Martin Bromarski’s Anaba blog, after hearing the BaS interview he requested some images. These are part of a large piece – 20 posters – the sum of which amount to a sort of constellation of influences. Within the logic of the piece Omar is meant to function as a moral compass.

    Hey Tony, thanks for the kind words – i am a big fan and hunting down Vrej Baghoomian for you.

  22. tony fitzpatrick Says:

    Tom– Vrej shuffled off this mortal coil a couple of years back…. he is no longer with us…… he is now fucking over artists in the next world….. boo-hoo– also , I think Omar has an excellent moral compass–” Man got to have a code….”

  23. “I shall not cause harm to any vehicle nor the personal contents thereof, nor through inaction let that vehicle or the personal contents thereof come to harm. It’s what I call the repo code, kid. Don’t forget it — etch it in your brain. Not many people got a code to live by anymore.”

  24. Speaking of which, did you hear about Alex Cox’s “sequel” to Repo Man in Comic Book form?


  25. I did, I find it suspect. Otto isn’t even called Otto.

    I may still have to buy it though.

  26. God, I was obsessed with that movie as a kid.

  27. tony fitzpatrick Says:

    “Look at ’em….Regular fuckin’ people…God I hate ’em”—–Harry Dean Stanton ‘Repo Man’

  28. I know it’s history but I can’t believe they killer Stringer Bell. Wendell Pierce did a great interview with Terry Gross last week or the week before. The Wire is a model for quality TV that every network should aspire to – nothing better in my book, not even the Simpsons (and that’s sayin’ sumpin’).

    As for me, I’ve got an undying jones for Sonja Sohn. Is it true that she was untrained as an actor? I seem to remember hearing that several of the cast members were regular Baltimore people.

    “Pablo Picasso was never called and asshole….”

  29. come to think of it that interview may have been with Tavis Smiley.

    oh – and anyone who’s ever had a kid knows that babies are freedom-haters.

  30. Tony Fitzpatrick Says:

    Tom — did you catch ‘The Wire’ last night …… I am so bummed.

    Omar Little…..

    he will be missed

    my heart is heavy.

  31. My wife cried both times she watched it.

  32. actually we don’t have HBO – so i will wait ’till next jan and get the whole set from netflix and do a marathon. i guess i know the fait of Omar, a damn shame!

  33. BaS people-

    i am considering a trip to Chicago during the Next fair as Leo is doing a booth. i have never been to Chicago and i seems like there is a lot of interesting things to see even without the art fairs. Will this be a fun weekend, or are there better times to come to Chi-town?

  34. Why not come then. You’ll get into the fair free and it will be the biggest art moment of the year for us art people.

    But we should get a drink whenever you come.

  35. i am leaning towards coming. and will probably get a ticket this week – i’ll let you know my plans and i’d love to get a drink (or two).

  36. […] Folgen mit Tom Sanford und Scott McCloud […]

  37. Tony F****ingpatrick, you are a loser – and you will always be, no matter in this world or any other world. You never made it! Your prints are not worth even Basquait’s little finger… you’re kidding yourself.

    Happy New Year.

  38. tony fitzpatrick Says:

    Always good to hear from a dead art dealer….. my favorite kind.

  39. WTF???

  40. Tony Fitzpatrick Says:

    I kid the art-dealers…..

  41. Tony do you know this cat? because that just seems way the hell out of line and pretty freaking lame.

    Vrej B. if you are going to call someone out like that you should do it and link it to your own site not theirs. Come on. This is the sort of thing that forces others to feel we should shut down the blog or force people to register. Please try and behave like grown folk.

  42. Tony Fitzpatrick Says:

    Duncan — he is invoking the spirit of Vrej Baghoomian– my former dealer — who fled the country in the early 90’s after ripping off a number of people– myself included– Vrej has actually been dead for 4 years– so this guy is just working our stick– no big deal– the anonymous poster can be anyone they want…. and really ; the safest way to insult me is anonymously.

  43. That is an oddly schooled troll!

  44. Tony, you’are chicken… why do you keep erasing my messages? Are you afraid of the “other world”? For this world, or any other world, you are a loser.
    Your “illustrations” are not worth neither Jean-Michel’s nor Keith’s little finger.
    You are hilarious with your little stupid prints…. they are not worth nothing, dude, don’t fool yourself.

  45. Think of your karma, Tony, and just shut up. If you continue bad-mouthing me, bad things will happen to YOU. And I don’t mean physical…. things just happen ’cause they’re meant to happen…. Karma, Tony. Think karma.

  46. tony fitzpatrick Says:

    Karma…… got it.

    enjoy your courageous anonymity

  47. tony fitzpatrick Says:

    Karma…… got it.

    enjoy your courageous anonymity

  48. As someone with his fair share of detractors and anonymous enemies, i congratulate you Tony. You really must have affected someone if they bother to spit bile at you from the shadows on the web. As my old pal Adam Dohrenwend use to say, “You know you’ve done well when they give you the bird!”

    Speaking of crooked art dealers getting their due, check out this week’s New York Magazine. There is an extremely interesting article on the demise of Larry Salander.

  49. Tony Fitzpatrick Says:

    A lot of love out there on the net Tom…..

    I saw the piece on Salander…. and in truth , he is by no means the worst of them — he just happens to have crossed the right combination of people.

    The sad truth is that a lot of the leading art-dealers do business the same way Salander did……

    I am also savoring the stunning eloquence of my detractors.

  50. i guess in the case of Salander it is the size of the numbers that make it so remarkable, it’s quite a trick to rack up $100M or more in debt over the course of 3 years or so!

  51. Tony Fitzpatrick Says:

    Tom — at any given time , major dealers carry an astonishing amount of debt– as long as they can satisfy their line of credit — all of the balls stay up in the air– there is no small measure of gambling in the blue-chip market.

  52. For the record, Bad at Sports has only removed one message ever and that was at the request of the poster. Besides, Hudgens who is the only person with access to delete messages is here in NYC and doesn’t have his computer.

    If your posts aren’t registering it is probably your browser.

  53. Tony, if any “karma” is going to land on anyone, it will certainly be on that anonymous fake who called it up and is misusing the name of a dead person. Although perhaps the only appropriate use of dealers is misuse.

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