Duncan’s “What What” goes full circle

April 7, 2008 · Print This Article

As all die hard fans remember (it took me forever to figure out which episode it was) Duncan was quite taken with what was then a little known song called “What Whtat in the Butt” by Samwell. The year was 2007 almost a year ago today and times were hard. We were at war unlike today, the economy was bad unlike today, oil was at a 60$ a barrel high unlike today & most importantly we gave horns a pitchforks to people like Scott Speh and others unlike today.

So to show how much has changed in a year we now have the song come full circle as a South Park parody. “What, What in the Butters” enjoy and know somewhere in the world Edward Lifson is taking a picture of me and adding horns and tail to balance everything out.

2 thoughts on “Duncan’s “What What” goes full circle”

  1. Richard says:

    You didn’t even mention that Canada is the true star of this episode of South Park.

  2. Christopher says:

    I get my digs in enough on that subject. Duncan has been so good about the current American Primary process that I thought I would let it slide. But yes the episode is both an inditement of the Writers Guild and Canada at the same time.

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