Barny’s Final Christmas Video

December 19, 2008 · Print This Article


I wasn’t aware of any previous videos, but this is President Bush’s dog Barny’s final Christmas video. I was too bored to finish watching all of it but I had to ask who paid for this? If it’s tax payers money I am outraged that the quality could not have been better. Also, with the economy tanking did they really have to go hog wild with that tree?

watch the video here

2 thoughts on “Barny’s Final Christmas Video”

  1. jill peterson says:

    you could have had a joke if instead of “did they really have to go hog wild with that tree,” you’d said, “did he really have to?” see? you’d be complaining about barney’s excess. he was the one decorating in the video. get it? funnier. also. bad at sports and this story shouldn’t throw boring stones.

  2. Meanwhile Barny’s out in the yard, practicing throwing shoes.

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