Episode 99: Center for Tactical Magic/ Caroline Picard

July 22, 2007 · Print This Article

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Joanna, Amanda and Terri talk to Green Lantern Director Caroline Picard.
Marc and Brian talk to the Aaron Gach of the Center for Tactical Magic in San Francisco.

Richard continues his slide into “Ed Asner”dom.





Green Lantern
Caroline Picard
Aaron Gach
Center for Tactical Magic
Keanu Reeves
Allister Crowley
Bill O’Reilly
Saatchi & Saatchi
Norman Kline
UC Davis
G8 Summit
Grand Arts
Peoples Grocery
Trevor Paglen
Critical Art Ensemble
Steve Kurtz
John Lennon
Machine Project
Temporary Services
John C Lilly
Cleave Baxter
Three Walls
God Bless the Squirrel Cage
Mat Daly
Carl Barrata
Tsherin Sherpa
Roots and Culture
The Chicago Reader
New City Chicago
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13 Responses to “Episode 99: Center for Tactical Magic/ Caroline Picard”

  1. Can someone fix the title of this show so it says Caroline Picard. Thanks.

  2. Can someone also fix the description to read “Richard continues his slide into ‘Ed Asner’ dom”?

  3. You think Ed Asner more than Ed Anger? Maybe Ed Gein?

  4. Caroline forgot to plug her presence on the interweb:

  5. “interweb”…well, that’s either duncan or edmar…

  6. GOD I hate the fucking word “Interweb”.

    Caroline Picard is my hero.

    I might sing.

  7. Caroline Picard would make a great BAS host.

  8. Caroline seems quite intelligent and interesting, but will there ever be a replacement who lets the mom jokes fly quite like Amanda did.

  9. […] Bad at Sports Episode 99: Center for Tactical Magic/ Caroline Picard “Marc and Brian talk to the Aaron Gach of the Center for Tactical Magic in San Francisco.” (tags: Center.for.Tactical.Magic Bad.at.Sports Aaron.Gach interview podcast performance.art inverventionists) […]

  10. […] book (follow this link (3.8 MB)) and inSite 05 (links below); listen to the Bad at Sports interview with the Center for Tactical Magic; make at least two thoughtful comments here regarding the […]

  11. […] In a way, these things happened a long time ago–these things meaning, these conversations. They are old, but it’s possible you’ve never come across them, so it might make sense to pass them on to you. To archive them here, like a record. The first conversation is the older of the two. I was interviewed about a year ago by bad at sports. While it’s always strange to hear one’s own voice, I think the conversation went relatively well. What I do remember about it is that I felt more nervous as it went on. It’s something I’ve realized about myself, actually. I’m not nervous about anything until I’m about three-quarters of the way through it, and for about an hour after. Not that there was anything to be nervous about, either. The BAS folks were amazing. So, if you’re so inclined you can listen to it here. […]

  12. Jace Hall is kinda weird. I mean is it normal for someone to be that tall, bald, and into video games. Oh well I only mention him because his show on http://jacehall.tv this week is featuring footage from Duke Nukem Forever so it’s worth a look if you can put up with him and the Star Trek segment at the beginning.

  13. Richard Holland Says:

    I wish Duke Nukem Forever would get released. Sigh.

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