Episode 94: Jana Gunstheimer/ Chicago Politics

June 17, 2007 · Print This Article

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This Week: Guest interviewer Lisa Dorin talks to German artist Jana Gunstheimer (see the blurb shamelessly lifted from the AIC website, below). ALSO we get two different perspectives on the fight over the Public Art Program and how they handle the selection and approval process. Kathryn talks to Olga Stefan Executive Director of the Chicago Artists’ Coalition at Monday’s protest rally, and Duncan talks to Gregory Knight, Deputy Commissioner/ Visual Arts of the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs after the vote was in. This conflict has been actively discussed on our blog, see what the hoopla is about!

Richard spent a lot of time chuckling to himself about the music cues in this weeks show.

German artist Jana Gunstheimer combines her academic training in ethnology with a refined figurative drawing practice to observe and comment on aspects of her own culture. Gunstheimer responds to the transformations she sees taking place in contemporary German society including postindustrial desolation, drastic unemployment, and rising levels of aggression among people of her generation by way of a semi-fictional organization she calls Nova Porta. Complete with a logo, Web site, and an actual membership, the organization offers People without Social Function a semblance of structure through group cohesion and rigid hierarchy.

Adopting impenetrable rituals, tireless evaluation procedures, and managed leisure, the organization’s stated goal is risk management and its activities are driven, if not wholly fabricated, by the artist. Under the conceptual framework of Nova Porta, Gunstheimer effectively parodies hierarchical structures, bureaucracy, and, most importantly, society’s need to define one�s worth in terms of work.

Focus: Jana Gunstheimer is the artist’s first solo museum exhibition in the United States. In one all-encompassing installation, the exhibition features exquisitely rendered, photo-based grisaille watercolors on wood panel, a large-scale paper cutout, a site-specific wall drawing, and a newspaper intervention work that all reference the initiatives of Nova Porta, adapted to the specific context of Chicago.

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51 Responses to “Episode 94: Jana Gunstheimer/ Chicago Politics”

  1. That was a downright journalistic interview by Duncan. The only thing he missed was asking about the “don’t respect my opponents” statements and the “Public art is a gift from the government to the public” bits, but overall nice work.

    Duncan should work on replacing Katie Couric on the evening news.

  2. I don’t think it would work out, as CBS would probably make him get a haircut.

  3. Hey, just an FYI we are NOT LIMITING posting here, there is some glitch with the blog that is eating people’s posts. We are looking into it. Until we have fixed whatever the problem is I would encourage you all to write your rants in word or some such thing and paste them into the blog so they aren’t lost if things are still f-ed up.


  4. annonimouse Says:

    Back to transparency, how much $ were the four big commissions at Mckmk Place? Is there a list for all the artwork that the curious can find either online or at the Mart?

  5. Great job of explaining your position and CAC’s Olga. Greg did rather well too — except for the clear dance around the direct question of “exactly who will choose and decide.” I see more of their side of the argument now, (which I hadn’t understood when I read the ordinance), but that refusal to answer was a bit bothersome.

  6. Annonimouse,

    Curious that you who won’t give up any information yet want some.

    It’s a good idea for those who want to comment about the art at McCormick Place West, or anywhere else, to actually see it. I will do my best to make that opportunity available to all, but it may be difficult. Normally when a convention center is open one needs a pass to attend the convention and when there isn’t a convention the building is closed.

    Critiquing art without seeing it is not fair to the art and certainly sets one up for erroneous judgments. The building is not done yet. Most of the art is covered in plastic. Some isn’t installed yet.

    There is not a direct relationship between the largest art and the most expensive art at McCormick. The largest piece, in fact, is not one of the most expensive. Also it is difficult to say how much the most expensive piece is. Between $150,000 and $200,000 was allocated for the most expensive piece of art. And then an almost equal amount had to be spent for infrastructure changes to the building to accommodate it. How much was spent on infrastructure modifications for a piece does not directly relate to how much the piece cost. There are 3 pieces at McCormick that were over $100,000. There are 46 pieces there that were under $100,000.

    Sometime before the end of the summer I will have professional installation shots made of all the art. I will assemble those images in a book and will publish that book online so you can see it and the didactic wall text that accompanies each work of art. The artists included are Nick Cave, William Conger, Susanne Doremus, Dzine, Ken Fandell, Doug Fogelson, Scott Fortino. Kariann Fuqua, Diana Guerrero-Macia, Marc Hauser, Michiko Itatani, Preston Jackson, Cheonae Kim, Vera Klement, Evan Lewis, Robert McCauley, Patrick Miceli, Herbert Migdoll, Jason Peot, John Phillips, Sabrina Raaf, Dan Ramirez, Jason Salavon, Lincoln Schatz, Paul Sierra, Peter Stanfield, Bob Thall, Pala Townsend, Bernard Williams and Mary Lou Zelazny.

    But seeing it in person will still be best.

    Paul Klein

  7. I didn’t see Bob Thall’s name on there before – that’s great!

  8. Speaking of judging, I thought I heard that Dzine was accepted into this year’s Venice Biennale…

  9. That would be a shock as his work is no where near that sort of quality. His stuff is mediocre at best.

    That awful show at the cultural center, yuck.

  10. He’s in through some kind of “back-door,” I believe. I forget exactly, but he’s in the Ukranian pavillion or some such thing. But don’t quote me, I haven’t checked my sources.

  11. Actually. That is what I heard also. Sad but true.

  12. “dzine is one of four “outsider artists” giving their perspective on what it means to be Ukrainian…

    …spent 60k customizing a ski boat into a “low rider” decked out with videos and music exploring the country’s culture…….” “its pimp my ride Ukrainian style” -Peter Doroshenko -commisioner of the Ukraine Pavillion “” Jeff Huebner Chicago Magazine

    and you ask, just how completely fucking moronic is the art world?…sheeeeesh!

  13. Ball Zax Says:

    Pretty moronic, is this a trick question?

    That sounds awful. Anyone have images?

  14. Dzine has images of the ski boat on his website here. I don’t know why not, it looks pretty funky combined with a whole lot of satire…

  15. Kevin, I think you have finally found your metier, a role commensurate with your intellectual capacities: as an apologist for the hack known as dzine. Who’s next, Brittany Spears? Suggestion: why not write an exposition on how ‘d’s work forwards and even transcends the work of Peter Max? Perhaps you could try the angle that since Peter has (I’m guessing) some kind of hand in actually making that wretched junk, he is more guilty of manufacturing pure crap than dzine is in simply aping it while having more capable hands actually make the paintings for him-

    ….perhaps you should scurry off to Venice and experience for yourself first hand- from such an authoritative figure, -not to mention creative force, what it means to be Ukrainian-

  16. Ball Zax Says:

    Play nice boys or Dad will have to pull the car over and do some spanking.

  17. all considered, I’m being nice as pie……

  18. Funny! Ball-Zak-Daddy — But, are we THERE yet?!

  19. your momma Says:

    Wow… sounds like Ball Zax and the Shark (wesley kimler) are just two artists that had a chance to make it in the artworld. never got anywhere with thier work, started a website to criticize anyone that has accomplished bigger and better things.

    what a bunch of pathetic – jealous – has beens, that only one curator in chicago… “lynn warren” at the mca actually cares about. is it out of sympathy??? welseys julian schnabel rip -off paintings have no bearing in the artworld and no serious curator or collector even knows his work outside of the chicago artworld.

    i wonder why dzine has prominent art dealers representing his work and has upcoming shows at the brooklyn museum and several well respected european museums as well????
    i guess other curators, directors and collectors dont think its as mediocre as you do?

    wesley….quit the hating (like you do on almost every artist (except your lover ‘tony fitzpatrick’), institution and curator (except your fag hag friend… lynn warren) and let your work speak for itself. you corporate collection hack.

    BTW…. Mark Brandel Duncan – If you did any research about how Dzine got into the Biennial (as I did via Google) you will see that he was invited by the Pinchuk Foundation as was Sam Taylor Wood, Juergen Teller, Mark Titchner- the other “four oustider artists”. They had to produce proposals in order to be accepted.

    Cant people suppport a fellow Chicagoan anymore instead of holding them back…. the very pathetic blogging to have read previous to this is why Chicago will always be a third rate art city.

    Why dont you just interview Dzine or his ‘back door’ and get thier side of the story or talk to Tumelo Mosaka, that just curated him into the Brooklyn Museum exhibition.

    your momma

  20. Yo momma aka Dzine’s mouthpiece -so Dzine coached you on his idiotic Schnabel remark -which is the only thing he can ever come up with when I see him in public with that foul mouth powered by that pea brain that and I must admit to give him credit, he can follow me around and drunkenly bray “your so passe’ with the best of jackasses…….the problem is ‘D’ doesn’t even know what my work looks like -nor I’m sure do you -but you can educate yourself by picking up the September October issue of Shelter Magazine -where there is an 8 page spread of what I do. Unfortunately you won’t be able to discuss it pro or con- Not that it will matter -as I’ve yet to meet a members of Dzines ‘possee’ that could discuss anything about art intelligently -as yo momma demonstrates

    Fact, Dzine shows with minor galleries outside of Chicago. The one installation he did in Paris is an embarassing ripoff of Judy Ledgerwood. She should have sued him for plagarism.

    Fact: Dzine gets in grafitti group shows, as part of a genre. His work is far too much of the innocuous (go get your dictionary momma) trendy, derivative eye candy species to carry any weight on its own.

    Fact: Does any artist in Chicago respect this phoney hack? I don’t know of one.

    Fact: Dzine does not paint his own work -but rather hires far more talented artists who he pays to create his Peter Max lite confectionary. No doubt spending his time ‘networking’ and finding patterns on the computer for the people who actually paint the ‘paintings.’…or maybe I’m being too kind -perhaps he has an assistant googling patterns for him-

    I call it lip-painting -Brittany Spears lip-synchs, this guy lip-paints -only difference being Brittany has more talent and originality.

  21. The Brittany Spears of the Chicago art world-

    one last fact: when ‘D’ -favorite saying “show me some love brother” -barf- ‘painted’ the mural in the basement educational center at the MCA- the one he attempts to bill as a veritable one man MCA blockbuster, (actually, I believe it was the very capable Jeff Zimmerman who in fact painted the painting) the running joke with the staff was watching this nastly little fake grab a paint brush, stick his chin in the air, and strike a pose like he was some great or even actual painter- whenever one of them walked by. What a tool.

  22. So, “your mama,” aka Deeeeeeziiiiiign (clearly it is you, do to style and the fact that you “both” have exactly the same mistakes in your extremely poor writing) — That was just a comment, and a common one for the type of “involvement” you have there. I did not mean it as a comment on your work. You wouldn’t want to hear the latter anyway. For better or for worse, such “entry” is called “getting in the backdoor,” which may have multiple readings for you, but was meant as a simple description.

  23. Yep! Mark -you are right! who else would bother to write in to defend this guy- but himself? -and yes, the illiterate nature of this vulgarians crude attempt at writing is another dead give away -dumb as a stick. And if that isn’t clue enough -notice how he never talks about actual painting -but always about who he knows -whether its ‘in’ or not…of course he can’t discuss painting -he doesn’t know anything about it -nor does he even paint! He just works the phone, ‘networks’ -after all, being an artist is, about ‘making it’ -not making art! -you hire people to do that for you….

    When The Reader mentioned McCormack Place/Paul Klein last week and mentioned work that was an embarrassment……care to guess who was being referred to? I happen to know for a fact who that was…

    This is what I suggest: after making sure that Lynne and other people that this guy trashes here -people who early on helped him, and no doubt have come to regret it, are aware of what he is now saying, I think it is high time that people understand, that it becomes publicly known, this guy has no hand in the making of the work he markets under his name.

    Then, lets all publicly support the art of the people who make Dzines paintings – I know three of these artists work, they are all way better than the substandard, sacharine, derivative fluff this little creep has them churning out.

    “show me the love brother”….bleeechhh!

  24. “Fact, Dzine shows with minor galleries outside of Chicago.”

    Dzine is now represented by Deitch Projects in New York. I wouldn’t call that “minor”.

  25. pedro velez Says:

    Dzine makes pretty paintings and pretty painting are always in vogue and included in big shows, a fact of the art world: painters always win.

    plus, he knows how to sell himself, down here he managed to sell a 26,000 or so, dollar painting to the Museum…when nobody knew who he was down here. For that I respect him.

    I want to see the MacCormack..mabe next time I go to Chi.

  26. Personally, I don’t think his work is all that bad. Decorative, yes. Highly skilled? No. They are pretty and fun, that’s about it. And yep, he knows how to sell himself. He’s a fad, like hip-hop… which is funny, because without hip-hop I don’t think he would have had much of career.

    And yes, I do find him obnoxious and creepy. Anyway, good for him.

  27. Hip-hop is a fad? I thought it’s an immeasurable global phenomenon, but I could be wrong.

  28. Fads are usually immeasurable global phenomena (not that I think real Hip-Hop is, but it’s just a point. The hangers-on and those who have exploited HH, that’s another thing). For the poorer kids here, especially the “foreigners,” hip-hop is a life-style like rock was in my teen years for me and my rebelous friends. Techno/House here is for the more mindless wealthy and alternative rock for the more educated hip.

  29. Fact -Dzine does not make his own work -like he never touches it -I know this because I happen to know three different painters who do or have made his schlock for him – as for Deitch Projects -it is minor in every way -showing only disposable, trendy, here today gone tomorrow shite -Its a stupid place full of stupid artists for stupid people: the ‘bling’ crowd. Deitch shows artists -usually once before dumping them for the next new thing -Dzines pimpmobile was quite probably his first and last hurrah -shown at the Miami art fair -under the galleries auspices -no skin off of Deitch’s nose….btw- Did you happen to see Deitch’s reality artist show -I rest my case.

    As for the MacCormack project -word is his piece is an embarassment. Its possible to do geometric/even decorative work and be original -Al Held comes to mind- or Stella, the fact is, nothing ‘D’ comes up with even attempts to get beyond well trafficed, tired cliche’ -probably for the simple reason that he isnt bright enough to know the difference let alone pull something original off…there is nothing even remotely his own, or visually interesting in the lightweight crap he produces -crap that makes someone like Peter Max look like as heavweight -I guess you could call that a distinction- dubious as it is..

    -Pedro -you are wrong -he doesnt make the paintings -he doesnt paint them-period. You are too smart to denigrate actual painting by conflating the real thing with this specious, trite, garbage produced by this nasty little illiterate, fake, piece of work: pretty is a very different animal than beauty -as I believe you know….. -Steve -if you ‘think’ this drivel is not that bad, perhaps you dont think very well- or, have a clue about what painting is- involving any kind of serious, or even radical definition that is.

  30. Steve -if you ‘think’ this drivel is not that bad, perhaps you dont think very well- or, have a clue about what painting is- involving any kind of serious definition, no matter how traditional or radical the parameters are- would you do this with music -Dzine is not unlike Milli Vanilli or Brittany Spears -other artists who dont actually make their own work…….do you think they also are not bad? Both you guys -I’m sure you have way more intelligent aesthetics when it comes to contemporary music, so what happens when painting comes up? Do you just check your brains at the door?

    Painting involves a history of some pretty smart talented people -defining serious as a venue -particularly as trendy and as specious as mentioned above -or discussing painting, conflating what that is in any intelligent defintion with this phony wannabe -whose criteria is only about making “it”……..c’mon guys -there is enough stupid in the art world without adding to it-

    Pedro -you should contact us at sharkform -through Brandl -we would like for you to write for us-

  31. Shark,

    You’re a miserable, filthy person with terrible hygiene. You and your work do not receive any respect or recognition whatsoever in the art-world. You have trashed 98% of the Chicago art-world and people cringe whenever your slime of a name is brought up.
    Try to google yourself. The only thing that pops up is a wikipedia reference that you kindly inflated and scribbled yourself with your pompous ego. Oh wait, even better, try Artnet or Artfacts.net. Artnet brings up a Wesley Kimler long dead and you are happily nowhere to be seen or heard (you may get lucky and see one painting that sold under auction from your only serious exhibition at the MCA. The lovely days when the alcohol painted for you).
    You do not even rank on Artfacts.net
    If you read your own reviews or criticism on others, you will notice the same trashy pattern written over and over again with a new name inserted. Everything is always VERY dramatic and how EVERYONE hates this person or their work. Your third party rumors from your only two friends in the art-world are tired.
    You will sadly go to your grave as a very bitter, bitter person. As a “B” rated artist, with no art-world recognition. Not to mention, with bad hygiene.

  32. Tony Fitzpatrick Says:

    Hey Steve– why don’t we make an attempt to be civil with one another? Wesley is my friend and he speaks with a great deal of vitriol from time to time — but why don’t we attempt to be decent with each other? Why don’t we try to keep the conversation on an elevated plane?

    think about it.

    I’m a little new to this ‘Ghandi’ shit myself– but warring with each other does nothing to help the current discourse.

  33. Back on Artletter Steve was a regular -(hes the husband of an ex-employee of Paul Kleins-) Paul lost him off the site because he was such a jerk -and weirdly obsessed with the doings of my painting career-

    -though he does manage to sound not unlike Dzine himself –

    “you don’t even rank on Artfacts.net” -only an illiterate moron/a loser like you ‘Steve’ would even care.

    I’ll tell you what: last week I sold a painting for 50k, I threw a huge bash at my studio attended by many, many people in the art world here -none of whom can stomach the phony talentless hack known as Dzine, and thankfully devoid of other small little weenies like you Steve……now, how was your week asshole?

    I guess your big moment came in the middle of the night writing about that horrible Wesley guy -your one claim to fame -how many times a week DO you google me anyway?….it must suck to be you.

  34. Tony, please dont be a hypocrite, just because Sharky comes crying to you. He is the last person to be civil and courteous to ANYONE, so why does he deserve any respect whatsoever. What has Dzine, Judith, Dominic Molon, Judy Ledgerwood…etc (this list can go on forever, but I wont bore you) ever do to his is bruised ego and bitter mouth. He makes very personal remarks about every artist that has more success than he will ever have. He is a joke and so are his paintings.He manages to beg or discount his work to some unknown collector since he cant even get a reputable art dealer to give his paintings away. Everyone outside of his circle believes he is bipolar and needs serious medication. I even heard that someone actually pro-created with this disgusting, greasy, slime ball.
    Great, just what we need. Someone that actually may look and talk (hopefully with better hygiene!) like this pathetic, attention complex, trouble seeking idiot.

    Wesley, you have dug a hole so deep the only way you can have a conversation is out the pure misery that comes from every inch of your body.

    After you spend most of your 50k on all of over due bills, past due rent, and maybe a new clown oufit. Make sure you put some change aside to clean your teeth.
    At least you can have a clean mouth when you try to convince the next poor
    soul to purchase your ugly chicken scratch you call paintings.

    …. It must suck to be you. Doesn’t it Wesley?
    Now run and name drop Tony Fitzpatricks name for the umpteenth time to show you have a drop of credibility.

    You idiot.

  35. and Tony -shelve the Ghandi bit – its a noble thought -but wasted on this finger wagging big city version of a small town gossip – I mean, how bitchy can you get? I always love it when some small piece of trash of a man brings up me and alcohol like its anyones fucking business…..but since you mentioned it ‘Steve’ May 15 -it will be 19 years since I had a my last swig of gin…but, there will always be some tonque clucking shrew of a human being like you -Steve, trying to make something of it – and when he’s done with that, he will bring up the clothes I chose to wear -whether they meet his hygenic standards or not- (will you look at that!! his clothes look like he’s been working -there’s even paint on them!) -I’m sure my hair -or lack there of is coming up next-

    Why dont you discuss my work Steve -what I have been doing over the last decade? Lets discuss the imagery, the conflation of painting techniques….oh thats right, you are probably clueless about the work I do…..you dont care -thats not what interests you, you are interested in working out you own self loathing on who you think I am-

    The work, my paintings, and drawings whch have been shown at gallery and museum venues and very favorably written about in the for instance ….last two seasons, in fact, there has been some fairly extensive ink on my trajectory -or is that just beyond that petty little pee brain you’re packing?

    Its interesting -I brought up several very good abstract painters -and discussed why it is that ‘D’ is not much…and all I get back is this trite shite –

    Tell you what Steve, how about if I send you a urine sample in a perfume decanter…..you can wear your Obsession- shark style -while you google me…..it will probably get you off.

  36. Another dramatic intro line by the tool a.k.a The Shark:
    “none of whom”.

    Wesley, how many times can you actually write this stuff?
    It has struck me. All you do is project onto others. But the reality its how people really feel about you! Way to pass the buck!

    No one cares about how you feel. No one reads your blogs anyway. Oh wait, except for the usual three or four suspects that are part of your Sharkforum staff. No one ever mentions your name in the Chicago art world either. Oh wait, only when to discuss the hilarious rants you write or to mention the obscene twenty minute phone call you left at 12 a.m at Bob Fitzpatricks home residence, because poor Wesley wasnt included in a show. Youre a real insecure nut job…. arent you?
    Wesley, immediately after your gone, you will be forgotten as will your work. Since no one can even walk into a respected museum to see one your bad copies of a 1940’s style abstract expressionist painting.

    Nite Nite.

  37. tony fitzpatrick Says:

    Maybe I should stay out of the peace business.

  38. Rather Tony, with all due respect.
    Wesley made his own bed, let him sleep in it.

  39. If you cant traffic in actual gossip, then just make it up!….poor little Steve…….I have never called Bob Fitzpatricks home residence, nor left Bob or anyone else at the MCA an obscene message…have I called. contacted, written directors/curators at the MCA trying to get them to have the courage and vision to establish an actual Chicago canon of reference -as MOCA/ MoMA the Whitney and other museums do? -you’d better believe it!……talk about a nut job -maybe you should get your facts straight. But then almost everything you write is, incorrect: my exhibition in 1995 at the MCA – alcohol driven? well I did have a drink about 6 years before that particular show….. wikipedia? sorry….I would never bother, sharkforum? -40,000 readers a month, my work -you cant even discuss it -beyond sophmoric blandishments -you dont even know what my work looks like -its quite specific -name just one image you would find in a painting of mine -just one Steve…yea, I didn’t think so.

    Nor, does anyone with half a brain think that the work I make has much of anything to do with 1940’s abstract painting – like I said Steve -why don’t you talk about the imagery in the work I’m making -or how about the biomorphic war drawings I did a show of this last fall? There was a huge review of it in the Sun Times -Or one of the drawings that preceded those -like the very large one that was up at the MCA in The Drawn Into The World Exhibition at the MCA? Or how about those 4 large scale works that share the lobby of the Aon Tower with Jaume Plensa’s work? Those damned facts -keep ruining your argument! Making you look like an idiot an ass and a fool.

    Your like a gossipy little girl with a crush dude -googling me…hanging on to mangled half truths, trivia and distortions about me like they’re love letters or something…. dont you think its more than a little strange?

    People see me all the time and they just can’t remember how to act
    Their minds are filled with big ideas, images and distorted facts.

    Idiot Wind -Bob Dylan

  40. Hey Steve, now we know what a piece of shit you are:

    “I even heard that someone actually pro-created with this disgusting, greasy, slime ball.
    Great, just what we need. Someone that actually may look and talk (hopefully with better hygiene!) like this pathetic, attention complex, trouble seeking idiot”.

    I just read your slur about my daughter.

    Why dont you come to my studio and run that by me me in person, tough guy. 2046 West Carroll. I’m in the phone book.

  41. tony fitzpatrick Says:

    Steve– you do seem to expend a lot of energy thinking about Wesley… a more suspicious , cynical man might think that you have a little crush on the Shark… What say you Steve ?… is this a ‘Bromance’?… have you a little crush on the man in the paint-spattered over-alls?… Is it the rakish way he wears his hat?…. or the great warmth he exudes?….

    you seem to spend a lot of time trying to get his attention.

  42. Tony, he has my attention -this creep has made comments about my beautiful little two year old daughter before……

    I’m done.

  43. tony fitzpatrick Says:

    Yeah … including one’s children in this is ugly .

    So be happy that you are you — and he is he.

  44. Wesley, congrats on 19 years.

  45. ever hear the term “dry drunk”?

  46. or wet asshole?

  47. “why don’t you talk about the imagery in the work I’m making”

    Again. Bad renditions of 1940’s Abstract paintings.

    “or how about the biomorphic war drawings I did a show of this last fall?”

    Yawn. You mean the ones you had at the storefront where they sell “Salvaged” objects and not at a real art gallery.

    “There was a huge review of it in the Sun Times”
    Wow. Big review. Unfortunately no serious collectors or international curators in the “real” art-world reads reviews from local newspapers.

    “Or one of the drawings that preceded those -like the very large one that was up at the MCA in The Drawn Into The World Exhibition at the MCA?”

    Again. Yawn.
    Curated by the only person at the museum who you have managed to stay friends with at the MCA (who probably included you out of sympathy).
    Chicago, Chicago, Chicago…. and more Chicago. Where are your other exhibitions aside from your MCA friend helping you out, or exhibitions at a storefront selling “found junk objects”, or out of your studio/home/birdhouse. The raw canvas in the your studio is worth more than your chicken scratch you call paintings.

    “Or how about those 4 large scale works that share the lobby of the Aon Tower with Jaume Plensa’s work?”

    You mean the paintings you sold way underpriced just to have them hang in a corporate collection, since you would eventually re-use them for more “sellable” works? Or use them for floor mats? Isnt this the same place you made a HUGE stink about years ago in the Reader and showed everyone what a nut-job you really are? I give you credit. At least you have one place you can take little munch-kin to see daddies bad impressions. When you finally do decide to show your corporate wallpaper, then take a walk over to the Art Institute and have her look at what a real abstract painting looks like, and how real art is hung.

    I found a quote that is just perfect for you Wesley – “GOD SPOILED A PERFECT ASSHOLE WHEN HE PUT TEETH IN YER MOUTH “

  48. in otherwords, you don’t know anything about my work, what I sell it for, or to whom -but you do schlep paintings around at the Art Institute.

    Great. The stalker is back.

  49. Look, your boss is being contacted this afternoon – so he is aware of your comments regarding my two year old daughter –

    I should have guessed sooner who this was, as the one time you were in my studio I had just had one of a series of major dental surgeries I have had to go through-

    This obsession-stalking thing has been going on for almost 2 years -I’m done. Keep it up, I’m filing a police report.

    btw that place you used to work -that you highlite on your resume’ -you know, CAC -where you were a clerk at the front desk, I’m having discussions with the director there about doing an exhibition. They were at my studio last month.

  50. We all know the art world can be full of itself, much like “steve” and “yo mamma” aka deeznaks!

    Even with his ignorant work and rants on anyone who puts him in his place we should not hate on the little guy. We should hate the art world that does not see through very pretty, shallow, crapy, dumb art.

  51. So basically “hate the game, not the player”? :)

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