Episode 73: Terence Hannum

January 21, 2007 · Print This Article

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Duncan and David Michael Coyle interview Terence Hannum, artist, critic, musician and all around swell guy about his forthcoming show in the MCA’s 12 x 12 series Evocation”


Terrence Hannum
Panel House
Museum of Contemporary Art’s 12 x 12
White Light
Sunn O)))
The Locrian
Bird Show
Mess Hall
Gwen Stefani
Tori Amos
Paula Abdul
Backstreet Boys
Black Flag
Emily Agustin
Elijah Burgher
Jones Town Punch
Skin Barn
Brad Harms
Minor Threat
Bikini Kill
William Conger
Sex Pistols
Jacques Derrida
Get Up Kids
The Promise Ring
Dashboard Confessional
Elliot Smith
New Art Examiner
Ben Harben
Britton Bertran
Michelle Grabner
Stray Show
Gallery 400
Three Walls
Sterling Ruby
Michael Workman

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15 thoughts on “Episode 73: Terence Hannum”

  1. BaulSauk says:

    So whatever became of Richard? Dead? In jail? Did he finally snap?

  2. Baul Zahk says:

    She’s here all week people….

  3. Duncan says:

    Richard is only temporarly away from the Mic with a bit of a flu and will be back shortly. Or it is possible that he is in a drug induced coma and that is just what his wife tells me.

  4. Richard says:

    Sadly no matter how Ill I may be I still have to produce the damn show. I am on the mend. Sick of being sick, though.

  5. Duncan says:

    I know how you feel sir. I have to get myself back to the Doctor’s Monday. I need a chest X-Ray.


  6. not bahl sack for once says:

    Hmmm, sick AND heartless? Gotta love bad at sports!

  7. Richard says:

    Sick and heartless is the key to BAS.

    I would suspect that Balzac would be turning in his grave if he knew of the permutations of his name being abused here…


    we missed ya Richard!

  9. steve hamann says:

    Mucho thanks for the plug at the end. BAS rocks with punk!

  10. brad farwell says:

    Holy shit: That MacGruff the Crime Dog piece at the end of the show was fuckin’ freaky. Is that shit for real? This country is ridiculous.

  11. Meg the intern says:

    Brad. Your’e ridiculous.

  12. Bahlzahq says:

    Don’t insult the crime dog!

  13. brad farwell says:

    Damn straight i am!

    (personal to crim dog: bring it!)

  14. Nate says:

    Were you guys shit talking Against Me! or at least the front-man Tom something or another. Whatever folk punk is awsome even thought it’s emberasing to admit. Every dirty , crustie punk rocker I know seceretly has a soft spot for one of those bands even thought they’ll never tell you.

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