Episode 114: Carol Jackson, Anthony Elms, and Jubilee City

November 4, 2007 · Print This Article

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On this week’s exciting Episode, number 114… Art Forum’s Anthony Elms and Bad at Sports’ Duncan MacKenzie interrogate Carol Jackson about her dynamite exhibition at Gallery 400, and Terri Griffith and Joanna MacKenzie take apart John Andoe’s “Jubilee City: A Memoir at Full Speed”. It doesn’t get any better then this.

Also, to the person who scrawled “I MISS RICHARD” in lipstick on the mirror of the men’s bathroom at BAS HQ, we know who you are and this is unacceptable behavior.

From Gallery 400:
Carol Jackson’s signs, sculptures, gouaches and drawings use common, everyday “signatureless” styles to let loose the grandiose morality within the picturesque languages and visuals of advertising. Her work is a bitterly humorous send up of the demands and promises commercial representations make for goods, be they detergent, food, or real estate. Long focusing on a series of meticulously hand-tooled leather reworkings of both store advertising and real estate development signage, Jackson replaces the found text with disdainful, mistrustful and self-depreciating thoughts that sales language represses. What remains is the epic longing and promissory nature of the address.

From Publishers Weekly:
In this charming memoir, Andoe narrates his journey from his Tulsa childhood through redneck, hard-partying teen years to a highly successful career as a (hard-partying redneck) painter in New York City. While Andoe may not be a professional writer, his humor and offbeat artistic sensibility make up for any lack of prose-writing chops. Through discrete anecdotes that seldom run longer than two pages, Andoe assembles vivid portraits of his family and friends and of the various environments he inhabited-the working-class Tulsa neighborhoods of the 1960s, the high school and college drug culture at the end of the hippie era, and the New York art scene of the 1980s. Andoe rarely said No to drugs, and the marginal characters and dangerous encounters of the lowlife provide the book with a great deal of energy and pathos; at times his memoir reads like a more amateur version of Denis Johnson’s Jesus’ Son. Yet whenever the gonzo stories verge on tedium, Andoe modulates his tone and shows himself as the stay-at-home dad, the outdoorsman, the artist. While Andoe has an occasional tendency to settle scores (his ex-wife receives particularly brutal treatment) or trumpet his status as an outsider, for the most part his wide-eyed sense of wonder and keen observations make the everyday strange and fresh. (Aug.)
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21 thoughts on “Episode 114: Carol Jackson, Anthony Elms, and Jubilee City”

  1. Calliope says:

    Carol Jackson sounds like a fun and interesting person to be around but it was difficult to hear her through Anthony Elms’ barrage of sound bytes, not to mention his great ability in shoving ideas down her throat. The Gallery 400 show was top-notch. I especially like her new sculptural style (less text, more leather).

  2. Christopher says:

    Congragulations to Joey who is rocking the outro color comentary this week with wizards, bunnies & all manner of magical websites that exist on the internet.

    Catch that, it’s the internet not interweb. Every time you say interweb a fairy gets his wings…………..ripped off.

    Are you happy now at the pain you have caused? Are ya!?

  3. Richard says:

    Kudos to all for the first non-Richard produced episode. I agree with Christopher that interweb is evil, go with wibbe.

  4. duncan says:

    Don’t think that it will stay this way buddy. Your back at work. You only get one week paternity.

    How is being a father?

  5. Richard says:

    Good. Tiring. Smelly at times. He is damn cute though.

  6. Hey, I don’t know what’s up here, but something is screwy with the download. I have tried for an hour and can’t get it to be playbe on my mp3 player. First, when you click on it it says “badatsports 114 CarolJackson,” but when I transfer it to my palyer, it becomes “badatsports115 ..etc.” Weird. And my mp3 player can’t play it. I have tried everything, opened it in AUdacity, resaved it in MP3 form etc. and nothing works. I hope that is not something happening to everybody trying to listen this time!

  7. duncan says:

    We don’t know we are having huge problems with Libsyn who provides our server space and RSS feed. Hundreds got the correct version before yesterday but they seem now to be having problems with everything, so you also see that half our images are missing. WE ARE VERY ANGRY WITH THEM. They have also experienced corruption problems with 3/4 of our back catalog which none of us have had time to go through and diagnose the true extent of the damage.

    So we are now hostages of our provider. We hope to have the problem corrected in a few minutes.

  8. duncan says:

    So we think that it might be sorted out but some peoples files might be mis-labeling themselves? And when I just played it of the web site it sounds like it is playing at 80% speed but… I guess it is working. We are still trying to chase down the issues.

    Anyone else having problems?

  9. Bill Dolan says:

    No performance issues here. The site loads OK — no missing images or lagging. The direct download of the podcast plays at the same speed as the subscription version (I played them at the same time).

  10. Bill Dolan says:

    Although if you play them backwards there are hidden messages on the direct download version that aren’t on the subscription version.

  11. “Turn me on Consensus Servant,” “I Buried the Cabal,” and “Satan is a Neo-Conceptual Artist” right Bill? I heard them too………… Aaaaahhh bawakawa, poussee poussa, Nhoj.

    The download seems to work okay now. Probably was a corrupted file, screwed up by the server.

  12. I didn’t mean to pick on you, Duncan, at the Domi discussion, sorry! And that was more like the world (Pedro, Marc F, and etc etc, etc.,) and WK and MSB against Domi’s Malinchismo, than us against the world.

    I loved the ending this time, Joanna contributions especially. I really laughed. Brought to you by unicorns and bunnies, etc. And wizards. Great ending.

  13. Bill Dolan says:

    ‘“Turn me on Consensus Servant,” “I Buried the Cabal,” and “Satan is a Neo-Conceptual Artist”’

    —Yes. and I think something about burning Richard’s garage down. I couldn’t make that one out very well though.

  14. TheShark says:

    Duncan, MSB and I were merely trying to help save you from your indoctrinated self- believing the propaganda campaign put out by the Kirshner clones is actually factual when in truth it, is an absolute fiction.

    What has turned Chicago into an academic backwater are the Tassets, Ledgerwoods, Gerbers, Dunnings…..its no big secret outside of Chicago that this is true. Its well known and when the topic of Chicago is brought up, what is discussed; how the scene here has taken a colossal nosedive the last two decades under the auspices and manipulations that pretended these people into ‘importance’ under false premises, fueled by several incredibly self-important, ignorant collectors -Howard Stone I’m talking about you,… and, is why the scene here is collegiate, stale, dead weight. In a word, corrupt.

    Duncan, we’re not here to hurt you-

  15. Yes, !gniddik tsuj — BeL craM tsuj ebyam ,uoy truh ot ereh ton er’ew ,nacnuD.

    ! egarag s’drahciR nwod nrub t’noD

    I love your (Carol’s) images on your website — I hope to see them live soon — I was turned on to them before the podcast by an email through Tony Fitzpatrick, a great gesture on his part. Good luck, Carol. Wow, sensual signs used to critical advantage. Something for me, at least this week!

  16. duncan says:

    Carol is incredible. We are all cool no worries. Anthony Elms is also pretty awesome check his review in this weeks Art Forum. He can be a wordy bastard though.

  17. Dylan says:

    Carol is a goddess. No one can defeat her. Her art and her heart will eat you alive.

    Who knew she read Hustler? I could have guessed.

  18. Alice in wonderland says:

    Gosh, I love her

  19. lee roy says:

    free speech is a must but but humor is too -this Joanne mc something and terry whatever sound like church ladies trying to be tuff.
    you can tell they didn’t read the whole book because it sounded like they were blinded by something un PC and a man hating problem.
    and being who they are they couldn’t compare it to real life so they compared it to romantic books from 50 years ago..thats the shit…
    then when they cant figure it out at all they insult the author by wagging their finger at him and calling him a prick.
    they might as well say we are not that bright..
    i know its sad they didn’t get told about or get to go to those romantic art parties way back when and lived in the romantic grit of those times they so long for.
    but with that nagging tone and those sticks up their asses a doubt they would have been invited.
    read janet masilns review in the new york times, she read it…

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