Episode 101: Jim Duignan/ Stockyard Institute

August 5, 2007 · Print This Article

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AMANDA IS BACK!!! Duncan and Amanda talk to Jim Duignan about his current project at the Hyde Park Art Center. Super friend of Bad at Sports (and Director of Exhibitions at the HPAC) Allison Peters is there too!

To wit:

“Jim Duignan is an artist and founder of the Stockyard Institute, a project that draws attention to the visionary status of youth and people through the arts in a variety of Chicago neighborhoods. Stockyard Institute publishes AREA Chicago Arts, Education, Activism, a biannual publication in Chicago

Jim begins his “residency” at the Art Center in preparation for Pedagogical Factory, an exhibition at the Art Center in Gallery 1, opening this summer. He’ll be at the Art Center on Thursdays in the Second Floor Studios on the west side of the building. Stop in for a chat with Jim to find out more about his project!”

…music and passion are always in fashion….

Jim Duignan
Hyde Park Art
Allison Peters
Stockyard Institute
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Paulo Freire
Myles Horton
Highlander Folk School
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Martha Rosler
Area Chicago
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Carol Becker
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18 thoughts on “Episode 101: Jim Duignan/ Stockyard Institute”

  1. Ball Zack says:

    That picture explains a great deal about Amanda’s relationship with Duncan.

  2. Jduignan says:

    where did you find that old snapshot?
    Jim Duignan

  3. Ball Zack says:

    Post office?

  4. Richard says:

    Actually Jim I think I google imaged you in a hurry. Duncan sent me a nice photo, but in the melee that has been my existence I think I deleted it.

    No, Balzac not the post office, be nice.

    The photo of Amanda and Duncan on the other hand is from hell.

  5. Richard says:

    Although I must admit it is one of the funniest pics of Amanda, ever.

  6. a. to the b. says:

    That is the Biggest *SMILE* I have ever had
    – thanks Duncan x

  7. I love the look on Duncan’s face….kind of like he might enjoy that kind of thing.

  8. bee ay el zee ay cee says:

    I would be very frightened to think about what kinds of things Duncan enjoys.

  9. Richard says:

    You should be afraid, be very afraid.

  10. Richard says:

    Also, Jim, better picture?

  11. brad says:

    I just don’t understand how duncan’s eyebrows ended up four inches above his eyes. what’s going on there??

    (and, after seeing this picture, I’m starting to reconsider my move to NYC. The streets are no longer safe.)

  12. Michael Workman says:

    >>I just don’t understand how duncan’s eyebrows ended up four inches above his eyes. what’s going on there??

    O that’s just what it looked like before they let all that hot air out.

    It’s much better now.


  13. Duncan looks….oddly….sated.

  14. ashley klauck says:

    the look on duncan’s face is priceless –
    i appreciate your humor

  15. markcreegan says:

    There is a funny narrative going on between those two pics. As you scroll down it looks like Mr. Duignan has a very disapproving reaction to what duncan and amanda are doing.

    Mr. D: “Thats not right! Someone call the police!”

  16. Among other strengths of this discussion, I think it was great that Jim took some time to talk about Michael Piazza, who I always liked as a person and an artist. Thanks, Jim and thanks to Duncan too for mentioning him.

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