Artist builds hidden apartment in a Mall, gets arrested after 4 years.

October 3, 2007 · Print This Article

Mall Apartment A Providence, Rhode Island artist was arrested day by mall security as he left the secret apartment he’d built almost four years ago, in an unused utility space in the mall’s parking garage. The apartment which had no running water (they used mall bathrooms) did include “a sectional sofa and love seat, coffee and breakfast tables, chairs, lamps, rugs, paintings, a hutch filled with china, a waffle iron, TV and Sony Playstation 2,” according to the Boston Globe.

The man, with the help of seven other artists, built the apartment and various people have lived in it over the past few years for up to three weeks at a time. The artist’s website about the project offers both an explanation of the “installation,” and a few strained apologies that sound suspiciously court-ordered.One of which includes this “thank you”:

“Thank you mall. I have grown exponentially from having this opportunity and it has been a major and most valuable part of my life and imagination. In the future I hope to share some of my experiences and observations with a wider audience and can only say that living in the mall is great. I am saddened that I am not allowed to ever return to the mall again, but I understand. The mall made me think very carefully about what we buy.”

Mall Apartment

14 thoughts on “Artist builds hidden apartment in a Mall, gets arrested after 4 years.”

  1. duncan says:

    WEIRDEST RESPONSE EVERY? Good Hustle PlayStation.

  2. tony fitzpatrick says:

    God…. I love these guys

  3. Balzac says:

    No doubt, I am building an apartment at the Monroe Street parking garage right now!

  4. Bill Dolan says:

    I think that Better Homes and Gardens should do a feature on them.

  5. salem says:

    what i want to know is, how come sony playstation didn’t jump all over themselves over Richard Dorsay?

    Wrong demographic?

  6. brad farwell says:

    Damn. Apartment with Playstation, convenient to shopping! Screw NYC, I’m moving in!

    Seriously though, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the capitalist system for its ability to allocate space so that everyone gets a place to live, instead of wasting it with mansions and unnecessary crap. Way to go, capitalist system!

  7. BassGirl says:

    Reminds me and my husband of that zombie movie where these people made an apartment in the mall to hide from the zombies!

  8. Isn’t everybody in any mall really a zombie anyway? (I loved that mall-zombie movie!)

  9. J. Tallarico says:

    How did he get away with it for four years? was he in with security or something?

    Also reminds me of the movie Chopping Mall where these people get locked into the mall overnight on purpose and have to survive the haywire murderous security droids.

  10. boxcar children.
    Kind of lost boyish too…Wendy works at the Cinnabon.

  11. lel_dh says:

    Sounds weird living in a parking garage – doesn’t really invite for a visit – should there be playstation or not – however great that he managed to live there for 4 years – congrats 😉

  12. Richard says:

    Better than some of the places I’ve lived over the years.

  13. heath yenna says:

    i can’t believe no one noticed the condo i built in that apartment they built
    in the mall, i had a butler and everything.

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