Episode 44: Tony Fitzpatrick

July 2, 2006 · Print This Article

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Chicago art legend, radio personality, poet, actor, boxer, and all around nice guy Tony Fitzpatrick talks about Tattoo history, Chicago’s art world, the working class mode of being an artist and why this is a kick-ass time and place to be.

Richard, Duncan, and Amanda bob their heads along as this legendary Chicagoan story teller entrances us with yarns of Al Capone, Nixon’s stolen election, Amanda Browder’s mom, and yes, perhaps a little ribbing of your friends to the North. (No, not Milwaukee)

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Tony Fitzpatrick

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4 thoughts on “Episode 44: Tony Fitzpatrick”

  1. Fox B. says:

    Tony, I don’t wanna’ be nosy or pry because it’s not my nature, but my curiosity just got the best of me in this one.

    I’ve listened to you since you were first introduced on the air, and know your work is now international. I have a high respect for what I know of you. My question however is why you seem to apparently be so evasive and/or ellusive when it comes to pictures of you. I could be way off base here, and if so, then I apologize. But as of this point, that is how I see it. I was hoping you could elaborate on that for me as I’ve been wondering about it for a very long time. I understand it’s not a world pressing issue man, but some human nature quirks tend to force our hands if that makes any sense.

    Before I close, I was also curious if you are friends with Steve and if so, if you keep in touch with him on a frequent basis.


  2. Richard says:

    Err. What?

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