Bad at Sports interviews Northwestern professor Lane Relyea. Between sips of whiskey, Lane discusses the state of criticism in Chicago and the nation at large. Not only does he explain why it’s better to be a curator in Chicago than L.A (and better to be
an artist in L.A. rather than Chicago), but then the interview crescendos into Lane and Richard’s smackdown confrontation about art theory.

Later, Duncan reviews Deb Sokolow at Polvo, and Jamison Oggs at Art Ledge. Amanda wraps it up with a review of the Jose Lerma show at Andrea Rosen Gallery in NY, and Lane chimes in with rants and commentary.

Lane Relyea
Deb Sokolow
Jose Lerma
Nova Art Fair
Parkett Magazine
Frieze Magazine
Jeff Ward
Core Program
New Art Examiner
Shannon Stratton
Corbett vs. Dempsey
Art Department at UCLA

John Baldessari
Joey Fauerso
Michael Velliquette

Sam Durant
Liz Armstrong
Cal Arts
Jorge Pardo
Monique Prieto
Gallery 400
Ann Goldstein
Paul Schimmel
Russell Ferguson
Armand Hammer Museum of Art
Michael Asher
Anne Rorimer
James Rondeau
Hamza Walker
Julia Fish
Tony Tasset
Kerry James Marshall
Rebecca Morris
Museum of Contemporary Art
Adam Smith
Marian Amies
Remy Jungerman
Jamisen Ogg
Art Ledge
Andrea Rosen Gallery
7/3 Split
Scott Roberts
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