Episode 19 Michelle Grabner pt. 2

January 8, 2006 · Print This Article

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Back again for more art talk, mirth and mayhem. Tell your pals, classmates, enemies, family about the show! The more the merrier.


Michelle Grabner is back! Michelle has written criticism for more magazines than I can comfortably count, runs an art gallery and shows her work internationally. This week we present second part of our interview. Michelle points out that BAS is damn guilty of being a part of the sad watering down of art criticism. She also very kindly puts Richard in his place for his anti-intellectual criticism bashing.

ALSO: Amanda and Richard review shows at Aron Packer, Polvo, Open End, and Monique Meloche!

Name dropped:

David Romanelli, Art Forum, BAT Magazine, Andrea Frasier, Jim Elkins, Jerry Saltz, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Rashid Johnson, Lane Relyea, Monique Meloche, Middle Management, The School of the Art Institute, Death by Design, Reed Barrow, Benjamin Bellas, Justin Cooper, Clinton King, Andrea Chin, Rene Cruz, Vicki Fowler, Randall Garrett , Kevin Jefferies, Aimee Jones, Otabenga Jones, Jason Kunke, Laura Lark, Teresa O’Connor, James Eck Rippie, Chris Sauter, Jenny Schlief, Peter Tucker, Malian Lahey, Analu Lopez, Anne Benjamin, Aura Emmanuel, Matthew Kellen, Emilee Lord, Kelli Miller, Tara E. Pellentier, Marshall Preheim, Julie Prokop, William Ransom, Mike Rossi, Audrey Hasen Russell, Jeff Schweitzer, Andrew Simsak, Heather Stapelman, Stacy Sternberg, Mikolaj Szoska, Andrew Thompson, Soyeon Yang.


Who knows, I have yet to locate that darn Canadian.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 19 Michelle Grabner pt. 2”

  1. mark says:

    Okay I know this episode is old. I just discovered this podcast so its all a new thing for me. The 2 Michelle Grabner and the Lane Relyea posts are my favorites so far. So Grabner mentions her concern about artists’ focusing too much attn to career rather than the practice, and the type of practice she seems to mean is the studio practice. No arguement here really but I wonder if there is not a gray area here in this time of “post-studio” practices from artists like Tino Seghal where the art is made within the context of the show space. I am thinking of artists who are setting up practices where the art is made on site and the experimenting really happens there , the work is developed over the course of several exhibits thru dialog with others and thinking about each presentation. As opposed to an artist spending 4 years or so in his or her laboratory tinkering and refining the perfect product.
    But, I wonder too if there is not some degree of using the idea of “post studio” as an excuse for half-assism, but I also wonder if what she really laments is the lessening of intensely considered practices. A practice can be that regardless of whether or not a studio is involved, can it not?
    Anyway great podcast-it really gets me thinkin’ an stuff.

  2. I went back into the archives to download some stuff to listen to while driving recently. I listened to this post after meeting Michael Workman in Zurich, as well as listening to the early interview with Michael. These two shows are great!

    Michelle made so many pith statements and insightful commets that feel like citing them all! The whole deskilling thing, he analysis of the current “scene”-without-criticality situation and the “art historians are failed artists, but curators (of the roaming interntl set) are failed art historians” were all truly amazing. This is a clear “greatest hits” podcast. As is the Workman one, but I’ll comment on that over there.

  3. Richard says:

    Your feedback is always appreciated, even two years after the fact!

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