I had the great pleasure and honor to converse w/ Mez – otherwise known at Mary-Anne Breeze +/or netwurker – over the course of a couple weeks about her works and theories regarding code poetry, meme culture, augmented reality, and other related interests to Mez’s practice and theory. We discuss (with corresponding translation) in a pseudo-code-language-environment that Mez developed in the mid 90s called mezangelle. This way of speaking-working-coding can be seen as a form of interacting and artistically engaging the emergent forum and list-serv cultures that were eclipsed by the dot-com boom later that decade. As the web has developed and changed, so did the code, and likewise the language has evolved into a dense weaving of net-humor, snippets from actual coding language (like perl or javascript), and critical theory.

Editors note: The translation of our text follows the initial dialog