Episode 143: Roundtable fun!

May 25, 2008 · Print This Article

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Who is the hell doesn’t know what Highlander is? For shame. All of you, add it to your netflix queue pronto!

This week: Duncan, and a panel of superstar critical thinkers, Lori Waxman, Kathryn Hixson and James Yood discuss, Highlander, Artropolopolopolis, Robert Storr vs. the universe, and regionalism in an action packed, smack down of art critical smartness.

To digress for a moment, in googling everyone’s name to minimize errors I was astonished to find that there once was a Chicago Art Critics Association. Sadly their website was last updated in 2006. It seems to have died of disinterest. I wonder if the meetings entailed “Beat-i” style knife fights, alas Bad at Sports missed the boat there.

Only Duncan will be amused by the opening song, as he knows there can be only one, and only Kaveh Soofi and Dominic Molon by the closing song.

Joseph Mohan. There Duncan, I said it.
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Discussion of Make You Notice at San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery

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Bad at Sports contributer Patricia Maloney will be leading a brown bag lunch discussion of her most recent curatorial project Make You Notice at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery this Tuesday April 15 from 12 – 1pm. San Francisco listeners should come check out the great work.

Make You Notice features video, photography and ephemera by four contemporary women artists who utilize performance in diverse practices, seamlessly integrating collaboration, activism, irony, and optimism into their work. The exhibition features the artists Lisa Anne Auerbach, Kate Gilmore, Laura Swanson, and Jenifer Wofford.

The San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery is one of many organizations currently showcasing artwork by women. Other exhibitions are:

The Way That We Rhyme, YBCA, March 29 – June 29

We Interrupt Your Program, Mills College, January 16 – March 16

Small Things End, Great Things Endure, New Langton, January 17 – March 15

Conduits of Labor, Queen’s Nails Annex, January 18 – February 24

Women, Power, Politics
, International Museum of Women, March 8 – December 31

Episode 84: Elkins-Morgan-Edmar

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This week’s show is top notch, grade A stuff, Jack, and you sure don’t want to miss it. Art, religion, smurfs, Dungeons and Dragons, Duncan rattling on like an old man about how kids today just don’t understand punk rock, AND the show closes with Richard’s favorite music cue in the entire run of the program, a little pop diddy on Marx and Mao. A show with something for everyone.

Duncan and Terri talk to James Elkins and David Morgan about the forthcoming roundtable…

On April 17, SAIC professor and critic James Elkins reignites the discussion with the
provocative Re-Enchantment Roundtable. The roundtable and associated events gather
together secular and religious thinkers who rarely share discourse: artists, scholars and
art critics-and religionists interested in art. Panelists will include Thierry de Duve,
Gregg Bordowitz, David Morgan, Kajri Jain, Tomoko Masuzawa, and Wendy Doniger.
The day long discussion is intended to span the full diversity of opinions, from those
who think contemporary art is already “religious,” to those who believe art should have
nothing to do with religious faith.

Duncan and Edmar discuss the Lumpen Juggernaut’s new building project and HQ, the Version festival, art madness on the river and Half-Elves that are chaotic good.

Hot damn.

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