Got Room for One More Plug?

February 3, 2011 · Print This Article

Apologies for the content being so thin here on the blog this week  -  sadly, it’ll have to continue in this vein until next week,  due to a combination of heavy deadlines and snow days, which means no school, which means an excess of Playmobil-land building, etc. But hey, a new podcast went up today, and you can use all this extra time to catch up on the ones you missed! Right?! And we have lots of good stuff on tap for next week, blog-wise, so stay tuned. Also: Another quick plug, which I hesitate to deliver given that most public events scheduled for this week have been cancelled due to the blizzard, but what the heck. The fashion blogger and all-around kick-ass young woman Tavi Gevinson aka Style Rookie is going to be interviewed live as part of Mark Bazer‘s The Interview Show this coming Friday, February 4th from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. It’ll take place at  The Hideout (1354 W. Wabansia, 773-227-4433).  Doors open at 6. Admission is $5. As some of you know I am a huge admirer of Ms. Gevinson and though I suspect most of Bad at Sports’ readers care not a whit about the fashion blogging world, for those of you who do…and if you also live in Chicago…take note! Bazer will also be interviewing a number of other cool-sounding guests; full details can be found below.

Richard and Duncan at “Public Culture” Lecture at ThreeWalls Tuesday Night!

September 20, 2010 · Print This Article

Hey all, just a quick public service announcement….Richard and Duncan will be part of tomorrow night’s Public Culture lecture at ThreeWalls. They’ll be interviewed by “live talk show host” (whew, as the alternative would be kinda gross) Mark Bazer along with a Tony Tassett and Kelly Kaczynski. The event starts at 7pm. Full details below! Be there!

The Public Culture Lecture Series, co-organized by Randall Szott and InCUBATE, seeks to highlight examinations and enactments of public culture. Rather than following a preformed idea of what public culture actually is, the series treats it as an open question and invites attendees to explore the question with us. A variety of people and practices are drawn on to present the ways that the notion of “the public” emerges in their work and/or informs it. Past iterations of the series have included: a lecture on lyceums in nineteenth century America, a guided eating tour of the Maxwell Street Market, a group workshop on storytelling as an everyday art, and an artist-led tour of the Loop’s Pedway system.

For this iteration of the Public Culture Lecture Series live talk-show host Mark Bazer will interview four Chicago artists at threewalls. Two of them will have had recent public exhibitions of their work in Chicago. Tony Tassett’s installations EYE and CARDINAL went up on State Street this summer and Kelly Kaczynski’s solo exhibition The Stagehand’s Unseen will be on view at threewalls. The mic will also be turned on Richard Holland and Duncan MacKenzie, producers and founding members of the art podcast Bad at Spots.

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