Chess broken down to the street level

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Learn chess in a way you never thought you could….

This just in………

October 9, 2006 · Print This Article

Spread the Word!!! All local housing/land-use activists need to be made aware of this event!!!

AREA Chicago Infrastructure Lecture
#3: Community Land Trusts and Housing Strategy

a presentation and discussion with San Francisco based Author-Organizer James Tracy
October 22, 2006 2pm-5pm
at In These Times offices
2040 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60647

Concerned about land-use and affordable housing? Wondering who has the right to the city?
Join the discussion!

Over the past decade, Community Land Trusts (CLT) have grown in
popularity as an affordable housing model. The CLT has the potential
to build consensus across the political divide-combining homeownership
with progressive vision of affordability and participatory democracy.
As the CLT movement grow, organizers are faced with several key
questions: How can we work to preserve communities in an era of
rapid-fire (and seemingly permanent) gentrification?; How can CLT’s
preserve resident control against very real pressures to
bureaucratize?; and in an era of cuts to the social safety net will
CLT’s work to challenge privatization or simply become a tool of it?

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