Future Phenomena

June 17, 2010 · Print This Article

Future Phenomena by Amanda Browder
Bad at Sports own Amanda Browder (the hardest working artist in designer glasses) unveils this Saturday June 19th a large-scale fabric sculpture that will blankets the façade of a Greenpoint, Brooklyn building.

The outdoor installation presented in partnership with the North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition (NbPac) will be presented to the public at 3pm on June 19th with a opening celebration roof party at:

The Ceeflat
988 Manhattan Avenue (at Huron)
Greenpoint, Brooklyn

We hope everyone can make it out to celebrate the work and hopefully a great beginning of Summer day.

Don’t Feed the Hipsters

May 13, 2010 · Print This Article

The Gothamist (which reportedly recently sold for 5-6 Million) has posted the latest gag by The Trustocorp Group, a anonymous group that places humorous mock products, signage & messages in as many public places as possible.  The latest is just in time for Kickball season at McCarren Park in Brooklyn where signs have been placed reminding park-goers to avoid feeding the Hipsters.

Trustocorp has also done works that promote: a brand of cereal called Banko$ “Eat the Rich”, Street Signs that say “yield to peace – until then war turns profits” & various other works of a similar nature.

Brooklyn Hospital Takes Art For Healthcare

May 9, 2010 · Print This Article

Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn is letting artists of all stripes pay for their medical bills by trading “credits” they earn by donating their skills & time to patients in recovery. The program called “Artist Access”  was born last year, when Dr. Edward Fishkin, Medical Director of Brooklyn’s Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center, met Laura Colby a former dancer turned performing arts agent.

The Artist Access program allows artists to provide interactive art programs for patients in exchange for health care credits. The  credits are deposited in the artist’s personal account, 40 credits for each hour of work which equates to about $40 an hour and can be used to cover sliding scale fees in Woodhull’s HHC Options program. Proposals have to be submitted for review and accepted with priority given to those that match the needs of departments such as the Pediatric, Geriatric, or Rehabilitation Units.  The hospital has focused initially on performance programs, but has tested teaching drawing in the Pediatric Unit in exchange for treatment. Mural projects for the many walls and stairwells in the hospital buildings are also being considered.

It isn’t a soulution for the masses and looks to be a bureaucratic ousourcing of rehabilitation entertainment & inspiration program development but it’s a brave step in the right direction and a good fit for the Williamsburg, Bushwick, Greenpoint, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and Fort Greene Art scene. There is a real opportunity for a few groups to develop appropriate rehab courses that can be easily repeated on a weekly basis and make some considerable money towards their healthcare services.

I would not be surprised that this is an independent contractor position with the hospital & am largely sure there will be tax liability for the artists but definitely something to look into. If anyone has completed a project in this program we would love to hear about your experiences.