For a Brief Time Only…

November 6, 2008 · Print This Article


My buddy Tim Ridlen sent this to me today. Organized by ASDF, For a Brief Time Only… is a traveling exhibition featuring 24 artists that you can pick up at your local major drug store.

via ASDF Makes
“A unique take on the form of a traveling exhibition, For a Brief Time Only… takes the exhibition to you — yes, you. The instructions are simple — visit this site, email Mylinh Trieu Nguyen and David Horvitz of ASDF your address, and then they will send 24 image files by 24 artists to a photo developer near you. You can then pick up the prints from this location, and display them wherever, whenever and however you want. One caveat though — as the title indicates, these images can only be obtained for a limited period, from November 6 to December 4 to be exact, so hop to it!”

To view the exhibition please follow the direction here