Links Roundup: Brandeis University to Close Rose Art Museum

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As we all know, times are tough. But what one university has decided to do in order to close it’s budget deficit is utterly unbelievable. On Monday Brandeis University announced that they would not only be closing their Rose Art Museum but that they would also be hawking its collection in order to make up for a low budget.

“These are extraordinary times,” Brandeis President Jehuda Reinharz said in a press release. “We cannot control or fix the nation’s economic problems. We can only do what we have been entrusted to do – act responsibly with the best interests of our students and their futures foremost in mind.”

Here is a short roundup of some of the best articles on the matter:
Tyler Green has an interview with museum director Michael Rush. In the interview Rush points out that this has nothing to do with the museum itself, but more about what it happening with the university.

“One thing that is not coming out — clearly — is this: Some of these really well-meaning young alums are doing the Obama routine of having people send small amounts of money. As darling as that is, it’s misguided. The Rose is not in financial trouble. We’re secure. I can’t say that strongly enough. We’re meeting our fundraising goals. We’re doing fine. We have a tight managerial structure. We’re utterly responsible. There’s no trouble for the Rose.”

The Boston Globe reported today that, “Jehuda Reinharz, Brandeis University president, yesterday opened the possibility that the university would not sell its $350 million art collection but said he would not change his mind about closing Rose Art Museum and turning it into a study and research center.”

Other links worth checking out:
Boston Globe
NY Times
The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research

Ed Marszewski on PAPERMAG

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PAPERMAG has an article by Sean Keenan on BAS friend and guest Ed Marszewski. They discuss Ed’s Proximity Magazine, Lumpen, Select Media Festival, Version, The Co-Prosperity Sphere, and Chicago’s “underground” art scene. If your not familiar with Ed or any of his endeavors, it’s worth taking a look at.

via Sean Keenan for PAPERMAG:

“Ed Marszewski could very well be the king of Chicago’s underground art scene. He’s the founder of The Co-Prosperity Sphere, one of the largest alternative art spaces in Chicago, located in the south side neighborhood of Bridgeport. In addition to hosting regular exhibitions and occasional concerts, each year he puts on two weeklong festivals, Select Media in the fall and Version in the spring, showcasing experimental work from around the world (the theme of last year’s Select Media festival was “Infoporn,” and Version’s theme was “Dark Matter.”) Marzewski also runs Lumpen, a free local art publication, and his most recent project, the Chicago-centric but nationally distributed, Proximity magazine, connects this scene to the larger art community. Marzewski recently sat down with PAPERMAG to shed some light into the booming alternative art scene in Chicago.”

Read the entire article here:

Listen to Ed’s episode here.

Long Time No Talkie

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After a very long holiday the Bad at Sports blog is back again. We have a couple of new things coming in the month of February including a new resident blogger on some picks for the upcoming month.

I hope everyone has had a good start to the new year.

Chicago Artist? Roundtable

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I just received an email about The Renaissance Society’s roundtable “Chicago Artist?”. It will take place on Sunday, January 11th, at 2:00pm. Looks like something that is worth checking out.

via the Renaissance Society:
“Location: Swift Hall, Room 310, University of Chicago (Swift Hall is directly East of the gallery)
Admission: free

As this question warrants, this roundtable will feature an all-star cast including Elizabeth Chodos, Director of Three Walls; Paul Klein, critic; Chuck Thurow, Director of The Hyde Park Art Center; Philip von Zweck, artist, and many more waiting in the wings.”

Links Roundup

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Things have been a little slow around here. I don’t have many pressing news to reblog so here is a roundup of the things I did not post while on vacation.

I Love Typography reflected on the abundence of posts relating to the typography in film titles. I’ve noticed a bunch of sites and even segments in NPR mentioning it. Art of the Title (screen shot above) seems to have a pretty good selection.

Reference Library shows us the inside of Donal Judd’s kitchen and Le Corbusier’s Studio

The Met’s new director, Thomas Campbell, makes a YouTube video.

MOCA names Charles E. Young new CEO, for now.