Video | Little Big Planet Cremaster Cycle

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“fluxlasers — March 08, 2010 — A level I created using Little Big Planet on a PlayStation 3 based on the film Cremaster 1 by Matthew Barney”

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Bad at Sports Credits Animation

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As part of the Apexart Gallery show “Don’t Piss On My Leg & Tell Me It’s Raining” by Bad at Sports a animated credits crawl done in the style of the late great Saul Bass was created by Christopher Hudgens to showcase the spirit and members of Bad at Sports that make all of it possible. Thanks to everyone that came and enjoy.

The Greatest School Play That Never Should Have Been Produced

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When I was in school I wrote historical plays and will admit that most of them were horrible (except for one where I turned Romeo & Juliet into a rhyming western long before Baz Luhrmann) and every time I pushed the envelope even a little I got shot down. So deep down part of me is so proud of these fudging kids for pulling off a re-enactment of Scarface as a school play?!??

The other part is in abject shock of what is before me and thought it was unrealistic when it happened in a Kevin Smith film, I guess I take it back.

#UPDATE Reports are coming in that the video was a Art piece/calling card by a commercial and music video director named Marc Klasfeld

apexart Recap | Installation

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Last week Duncan, Richard and I traveled to New York City to install Bad at Sport’s first NYC exhibition entitled  Don’t Piss on Me and Tell Me it’s Raining at apexart. Although stressful at times, as any exhibition can be, I can safely say that we were all excited to work with the lovely team at Apex and exhibit work from 180+ artists that have been on the show. This week I will be posting mostly photo recaps of our experience putting together the show and some photographs of work I saw when traveling around New York city. Our first group of photographs encompass the beginning install.

When we were first asked by apexart if we would like to have an exhibition in their space one of the first concerns was, “how do you take a web project and create an exhibition?” Many of us have thought of Bad at Sports as an archive of what is currently happening in our communities. With that in mind we decided to ask participants of the show to send in a piece that would create a physical archive. Receiving the work was not an issue but properly cataloging it became a task of its own. The first couple of days we archived, well, the archive with photographs and a numbering system. Once that was finished we began arranging the works in clusters.


Unpacking all of the work


Duncan and Tom documenting some work

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Tuesday’s Video Pick | Bonus Video

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I often restrain myself from posting cat videos (if I didn’t there would be a new one every day) but figured “what the hell?” Last week Standing Cat, hailing all the way from France, made his debut. Boing Boing has a post about the origin of the video. Long time youtube video expert Michael Czerepak sent this remix my way. If you have yet to see the original check it out because this isn’t that funny to begin with but it is better if you know the source.