Paul Andersen

Paul Andersen is the founder and director of !ndie architecture, a Denver based office that designs installations, buildings, and books. !ndie’s projects propose new configurations of suburban life—including its materials, urban organizations, and culture. As a finalist for the MoMA/PS1 Young Architects Award, Paul designed a miniature suburban landscape of synthetic turf pads and pools in the museum’s courtyard.

Experimental projects include houses that incorporate hydrogen fuel cell stations and suburban block layouts based on new kinds of garages. With work in the US, Mexico, and Europe, the office is building a portfolio of diverse and progressive projects.

Paul teaches at the University of Illinois at Chicago and has previously been on the architecture faculties of the Harvard Graduate School of Design and Cornell University. He has also been a guest curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver and is the author of The Architecture of Patterns (W.W. Norton,2010).