2006 US Art Acquisitions:Listed by Museum

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The Art Newspaper has released it’s annual report of US Museum acquisitions. You can read a complete list broken down by location here. For Chicago here are the 2006 purchases for the Art Institute & (not listed in the article) MCA.

Fang reliquary head, Gabon, mid to late 19th century,
wood and copper, P.

Triiptych icon with central image of the Virgin and Child,
Lasta, Ethiopia, late 17th century, reign of Iyassu I (1682-
1706), tempera on linen, mounted on wood and bound
with cord, P.

Tiffany Studios, designed by Clara Driscoll, hanging head
Dragonfly lamp on mosaic and turtleback-tile base, around
1906, G and P.

-Couch-bed, China, late Ming to early Qing dynasty, 17th
century, huanghuali wood with woven mat seat, P.

-Jeff Koons,Woman in Tub, 1988, porcelain, partial and
promised G of Stefan T. Edlis Trust.

-Salvador Dalí, Venus de Milo with Drawers, 1936, plaster,
metal knobs and fur drawers, G of Mrs Gilbert W. Chapman.

-Nan Goldin, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, 1981-87,
slideshow, P.
-Fireman’s coat, Japan, Early Meiji period (1868-1912),
late 19th century, cotton, plain weave, quilted and painted,
G of the James Tigerman Estate.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Bey, Dawoud
Carrie II

Cattelan, Maurizio

Elmgreen and Dragset,
Short Cut

Lockhart, Sharon
On Kawara: Whole and Parts, 1964 – 95, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, January 24 – April 5, 1998

Mik, Aernout

Neshat, Shirin

Schutte, Thomas
Ganz Grosse Geister (Big Spirits XL)

Stingel, Rudolf

Tan, Fiona

Episode 85: Art Schoolin’ Extravaganza!!

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Art Schoolin’ Extravaganza!!

This week’s show is an f-ing masterpiece, miss this one at your peril.

This week we talk to in turn professors: James Elkins, Sarah Krepp (organizer of the New InSight exhibition), and Lane Relyea about the future of art education, art students, and the future of the art business among many other topics!

Mike and Richard have dueling reviews of Frank Miller’s 300!

BUT FIRST: In the expanded intro; There is a lot of talk about what Scott Speh can do with his opinion of how we do things.

As a BONUS this week we have for direct download…

Our Art School Confidential…
Meg Onli – bfa 2008, Jerome Acks – mfa 2008, Carrie Schneider – mfa 2007, Tim Ridlen – bfa 2007, and Duncan MacKenzie – mfa 2002 sit down to talk a little about why art school and how they see their futures.

Download it here

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Also please be sure to check out the follow video. Duncan can’t stop talking about it:

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Episode 84: Elkins-Morgan-Edmar

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This week’s show is top notch, grade A stuff, Jack, and you sure don’t want to miss it. Art, religion, smurfs, Dungeons and Dragons, Duncan rattling on like an old man about how kids today just don’t understand punk rock, AND the show closes with Richard’s favorite music cue in the entire run of the program, a little pop diddy on Marx and Mao. A show with something for everyone.

Duncan and Terri talk to James Elkins and David Morgan about the forthcoming roundtable…

On April 17, SAIC professor and critic James Elkins reignites the discussion with the
provocative Re-Enchantment Roundtable. The roundtable and associated events gather
together secular and religious thinkers who rarely share discourse: artists, scholars and
art critics-and religionists interested in art. Panelists will include Thierry de Duve,
Gregg Bordowitz, David Morgan, Kajri Jain, Tomoko Masuzawa, and Wendy Doniger.
The day long discussion is intended to span the full diversity of opinions, from those
who think contemporary art is already “religious,” to those who believe art should have
nothing to do with religious faith.

Duncan and Edmar discuss the Lumpen Juggernaut’s new building project and HQ, the Version festival, art madness on the river and Half-Elves that are chaotic good.

Hot damn.

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Man picks fight with painting at the Milwaukee Museum of Art & loses

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22 Year old Pewaukee man on Wednesday suddenly attacked The Triumph of David by Ottavio Vannini (1640) after walking arround the museum for 3 and a half hours. He proceeded to kick the severed head of Goliath upside the face while the painting still hung on the wall and then rip it from its supports and begin kicking it on the floor. After detained by guards he proceeded to rip off his shirt and lay on the floor telling Police he was disturbed by the image of Goliath’s severed head.

The painting was on loan from the Haukohl Family Collection, considered the largest collection of 17th-century Florentine art in America.

According to a museum press release, the loan was made possible by Mark Fehrs Haukohl, a Milwaukee native and art collector who lives in Houston.

David Gordon, museum CEO and director said the museum’s insurance company was contacted, and the painting will be examined by conservators to determine what to do with it. Early indications are that it may be repairable.

Art Price puts out annual market report

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Art Price the world leader in art market data collection and services have released their 2006 year in review for sales and trends. You can read it in PDF format here.

You can read a short summary below the fold.
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