Mind the gap, not the breasts… London Underground museaum ad causes stir

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16th Century Nude Art Painting

A 16th century nude painting of the Roman goddess Venus has been banned from being part of the ad campaign for London’s Royal Academy of Arts upcoming exhibition on 16th century German painter and printmaker Lucas Cranach the Elder. Officials are banning it for fear it’s “exhibitionist” qualities could cause offense.

The promotional poster which was set to be displayed in the London Underground train system had transportation officials concerned since:

“Millions of people travel on the London Underground each day, and they have no choice but to view whatever adverts are posted there,”

“We have to take into account the full range of travellers [sic British] and endeavour [sic more British] not to cause offence [sic my god can’t the British spell in English….. yes I know it’s an off colour joke] in the adverts we display.”

According to the London Underground, the poster breached its guidelines against ads that depict [Read more]

Episode 128: Philip von Zweck on New Orleans

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New Orleans

Ok, so you have listened to our BS for 127 episodes or so, so this week we introduce an exciting new program for BAS. We will from time to time invite guest curators on to put together an episode of Bad at Sports. This week, Artist, Curator, Musician, Gallerist, Radio Host and recipient of the 2007 Richard H. Driehaus Foundation grant, Philip von Zweck does a show focused on the area from whence he came, New Orleans.

Philip von Zweck grew up in Slidell Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans that was also devastated by Katrina. In January he made his first trip back since the storm and took along a recorder for Bad at Sports to find out what’s going on in New Orleans Art and what’s up with Prospect.1, the first New Orleans Biennial coming this fall. Along the way he spoke with Chris Deris, a high school friend (BFA, Atlanta College of Art; MFA, RISD) who now teaches Sculpture at Loyola University; New Orleans artist Blake Boyd; Odgen Museum of Southern Art Curator David Houston; and Cynthia Scott, an MFA student at Tulane and one of the organizers of forthcoming artist initiatives responding to Prospect.1.
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Super Tuesday leads into Mediocre Hangover Laden Wednesday

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If you happen to live in :Alabama, Massachusetts, Alaska, Minnesota, Arizona, Missouri, Arkansas, Montana, California, New Jersey, Colorado, New Mexico, Connecticut, New York, Delaware, North Dakota, Georgia, Oklahoma, Idaho, Tennessee, Illinois, Utah, Kansas or West Virginia. Then now is the time to live up to your American heritage and repress an indigenous people Vote!

If you are unsure who would best run your Nation, District, City or Animal Shelter then play it safe and just write in “Bad at Sports”. We may not know every issue on the table but we did you sister on that table and that should count for something.

If you are unsure how this “Voting” stuff works, you know things like caucuses and super delegates. Then don’t watch this video, open bundles of parchment bound on one end and read their words and letters. If you want to know how McLovin gets his Chad to hang firm then by all means watch.

Episode 127: Tom Sanford

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Tom Sandford

Amanda interviews artist and master of “celebutard portraiture” Tom Sanford.

Duncan bitches a bit more about the Art Institute.

And can we have a moment of silence for Mort Garson, please.

[via Wikipedia]

Mort Garson (20 July 1924 – 4 January 2008)

Who was born in in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, was an electronic musician best known for his albums that predominantly feature Moog synthesizers.
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Chicago MCA Director Leaves

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Robert Fitzpatrick
Robert Fitzpatrick, director and CEO of the Museum of Contemporary Art since 1998, has become international managing director of Haunch of Venison, a 6-year-old gallery for contemporary art with spaces in London, Zurich and Berlin.

Mr. Fitzpatrick, 67, stated when he took the position that he would stay no more then 10 years in the position and has proven his word literal.

He is now moving to New York, where his new position would be to oversee the fall opening of a 20,000-square-foot branch of the Haunch of Venison gallery at Rockefeller Center.

Read more here in the Chicago Tribune