1. Black Light and Make Room

June 23, 2017, 5-8PM
Work by: William Estrada, NIC Kay, AJ McClenon, Rhonda Wheatley, Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter, Community Futures Lab, Amir George, Patric McCoy and The Underground Museum
Gallery 400: 400 S Peoria St, Chicago, IL 60607


2. WE

June 24, 2017, 8-9PM
Work by: Mitsu Salmon and Damon Locks
Elastic Arts: 3429 W Diversey Ave, #208, Chicago, IL 60647


3. Uphues /Cosnowski /Reninger

June 24, 2017, 4-8PM
Work by: Chris Uphues, Chris Cosnowski, and David Reninger
Linda Warren Projects: 327 N Aberdeen, Suite 151, Chicago, IL 60607


4. FIGURED OUT! Bodily Form in Contemporary Ceramics

June 23, 2017, 5-8PM
Work by: Saul Alegria, Aubry / Broquard, Lilli Carré, Alex Bradley Cohen, Manal Kara, James Kerley, Em Kettner, Katie Kimmel, Kate Klingbeil, David Leggett, Liz McCarthy, Jeffry Mitchell, William J. O’Brien, Jacob Raeder, Jennifer Rochlin, Leon Sadler, Julia Saldana, Elisa Soliven, Cristina Tufiño, Mark Whalen, and Bari Ziperstein
Andrew Rafacz Gallery: 835 W Washington Blvd, #2, Chicago, IL 60607



June 23, 7-10PM, 2017
Work by: BB5000, Dorota Gaweda & Egle Kulbokaite, Ficus Interfaith R+ P, Institute of Queer Ecology, KERNEL, Loney Abrams + Johnny Stannish, and Sorbus (Curated by Prairie and Micah Schippa)
Prairie: 629 W Cermak Ave, Suite 240, Chicago, IL 60616


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The Visualist, www.thevisualist.org, is more than just a list of dates and events on the internet. It's a really long list of dates and events for exhibitions, artist talks, receptions, festivals, panels, performances, readings, fairs, workshops, and curated content all kinds. At its heart the Visualist is really a cursory archive of actions and engagements throughout Chicagoland. In time, this archive will reach back to the Brunswick Building fire of 1989. While creating this image of Chicago's cultural work, the Visualist is also being updated throughout the week to provide as complete and accurate a day-to-day accounting of these activities as is possible.

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