An assembly for the collective production of a grave rhythm from  which the last gasps for oxygen before passing derive their colloquial name.

–Kevin Barrett Weil


1. Two Addresses

January 28, 2017, 7-10PM
Work by: Kevin Barrett Weil
Beautiful: 1801 S Peoria St, Chicago, IL 60608


2. Off-human

January 26, 2017, 8:03-11:11PM
Work by: Mocrep + Marcela Lucatelli
No Nation – Art Gallery and Tangential Unspace Lab: 1542 N Milwaukee Ave, 2nd fl, Chicago, IL 60622


3. TRQPiTECA: 2 YR Anniversary

January 28, 2017, 9PM
Work by: La Spacer, Cqqchifruit, Shaun J. Wrightt (Twirl), Itsï Ramirez, Anghell, JERRY BLOSSOM, Paula Pinho Martins Nacif, Chef Carmen Miranda (Masterchef MX), Colectivo Multipolar (Founded by Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero aka Cqqchifruit and Natalie Mercedes aka La Spacer)
Juniors: 2058 W Cermak Rd, Chicago, IL 60608



4.  Early Roses filled with Late Snow

January 27, 2017, 6-9PM
Work by: Alejandro Jimenez-Flores
ADDS DONNA: 3252 W. North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647



5.  Part of the Party

January 27, 2017, 7-9PM
Work by: Erica Brooks
Leather Archives & Museum: 6418 N Greenview Ave, Chicago, IL 60626


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