Each week we highlight 5 events in our city to present as our Top V. posted at Bad at Sports. We look forward to the work of sifting through events and statements and arguing the merits of many amazing programs that our community has to offer every week. As fun as the Top V. is, our aim has never been to curate the Visualist instead it’s been our desire to be an inclusive platform. It’s why we have an open submission process and our only truly steadfast rule is that you must include the names of the artists in the program.

So it is that we arrive at this week’s Top V. from an entirely different place than where we expected to be a week ago. The events of the last few days have made us very aware that there are still many people with a deep interest in keeping the pages of our history small, white, and perfectly ruled.

In the next year we will begin the work of expanding the Visualist’s archive to include 30 more years of exhibitions, events, performances, and happenings. As we do so it’s imperative to us that we capture a more diverse narrative than the history that’s been previously presented as dominant. We will be digging deeper and working harder to ensure that all of Chicago is represented. If we are to have a cultural heritage to reflect on then we must include the women and the people of color who have contributed to it.

This is only a start.


Visualist Chicago

The Visualist, www.thevisualist.org, is more than just a list of dates and events on the internet. It's a really long list of dates and events for exhibitions, artist talks, receptions, festivals, panels, performances, readings, fairs, workshops, and curated content all kinds. At its heart the Visualist is really a cursory archive of actions and engagements throughout Chicagoland. In time, this archive will reach back to the Brunswick Building fire of 1989. While creating this image of Chicago's cultural work, the Visualist is also being updated throughout the week to provide as complete and accurate a day-to-day accounting of these activities as is possible.

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