Left to right: Richard, Duncan and Amanda are sleeping in at Volta.

Left to right: Richard, Duncan and Amanda are sleeping in at Volta NY.

But we ain’t napping! Instead, we’re working our smooth moves to get NYC into bed with us. Founding members Amanda Browder, Richard Holland and Duncan MacKenzie are leading by example as they keep the bed warm at the Volta NY fair, where they’re making/recording dreamy segments for our loyal listeners. If you’re in the big apple and you haven’t been in bed with us yet, get over here to Volta NY for some action immediately!

Bad at Sports booth/bed at Volta NY fair.

Bad at Sports booth/bed at Volta NY fair.

For all the readers out there, look for coverage of the festivities rolling out on the blog in the days and weeks to come. We’ll be giving mad props and nepotistic congratulations to the big Chicago presence at the fairs and the Whitney Biennial via slideshows, interviews and one-offs, while taking care to also bring in the thoughtful considerations and insightful reviews and breakdowns penned by our internationally-minded local and global correspondents.


Jamilee Lacy

Jamilee Polson Lacy is a writer, a curator and the founding director of Twelve Galleries Project, a transitory, collaborative exhibition experiment. Currently, Lacy helms the blog for Bad at Sports, and formerly, she was the inaugural curator-in-residence in 2012-2013 for Charlotte Street Foundation in Kansas City. She has written for Art 21 Online, Art in America Online, Flash Art and Umelec Magazine, among other publications. Lacy has additionally published Color: Fully Engaged, a book of interviews and essays, and rises Zora: An Exploration of the Urban Labyrinth, a digital catalogue detailing Kansas City and its artists as experimental collaborators. Lacy holds a Masters of Comparative Arts and Literatures from Northwestern University and two undergraduate degrees in fine arts and art history from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. See her upcoming projects and more at www.jamileelacy.com or www.twelvegalleriesproject.org.