So we will definitely be rolling down to River North on May 2nd from 5-8, (Thursday night.) Because someone (Claire Molek and co.) wrote this…

The Brave New Art World is an arts unification movement dedicated to the service of consciousness:


We maintain there is infinite, inherent value in the practice, product and distribution of art as a vehicle for consciousness. This vehicle inevitably affects every ripple of human society and therefore art is for everyone; it demands to be shared.

In this year and in this time, all classist and elitist projection represents fear and is from here on irrelevant. All value is determined in and of itself, and all conceptual activity is inherently valuable. Every exchange of idea and/or energy is conceptual, and cannot be devalued by tradition, market or judgment.

It is paramount we share our practices with one another in the fullest sense of our shared existence. We must assemble with regularity, hospitality, transparency, and acceptance.

By taking part in this movement you ultimately purpose your value as an individual, and as a member of the human race. Thereby we progress our civilization as a whole with every thought, action, expression or motion. Today we step forward in the awareness of our shared responsibility to one another and to real life, in and of our shared values; in truth, community, and growth.

And we at B@S want us all to march toward truth, community, and growth, (as long as we manage to do it with a health disrespect for authority but love for one another.)

Check it out here… Yup, CLICK THIS.



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