“Homage to Trayvon Martin”

by Derrick Adams, Vacant but Occupied 2010, tempera paint, faux brick paneling, glitter, spray paint and hoodie, 24 inches x 28 inches.

Keith Haring Trends Super Hard at Pride

We know PRIDE was a full fortnight ago, but these photos submitted by Hope Esser are just too uplifting not to post.

Girl! Where did you get those leggings!?

UHM, that is a LOT of PRIDE.

Seeing double.
Big thanks & shout out to Hope for the tip!


Celeste Rapone, Bonfire 2013, oil on canvas, 63×76″

Mere months after seeing her work at the 2013 SAIC MFA Graduate Exhibition, we spotted Celeste Rapone’s stunning painting, Bonfire, at Jean Albano’s Gallery in River North last friday.

There may be a reason Albano is augmenting her roster with young blood, WTT? has heard that long time artist and living local legend, Karl Wirsum, is leaving Albano for Courbett vs Dempsey.

The Weatherman Report

Marc Chagall, A Wheatfield on a Summer’s Afternoon. Study for backdrop for Scene III of the ballet Aleko, 1942 Gouache, watercolor, and pencil on paper (38 7/10 x 57 1/5 in.) &copy: Archives Marc et Ida Chagall.
jay-z and marina abramovic

“You’re Crazy for This One Jay”

Just when we thought the world was safe from appropriating celebrities (#LoveYouMiley) Jay-Z swags in and tries his hand at the most bodily of professions, Performance Art. This, as you may well know, is NOT his first attempt at a durational performance. HOVA and Yeezus reportedly played Ni**s in Paris a record breaking number of times.* We all did for that matter and in case you were wondering, there are five more works of art from Jay to come. So we can all relax, there’s plenty of newsfeed fodder forthcoming. Word on the street is that there may be images of a Jesus chain in a jar of urine surfacing soon.

Among the more interesting pieces lobbed at the edgiest video shoot of all time are, “I just love the way Jay-Z riffs on what Marina did,” said Roselee Goldberg, the performance art historian and founder of Performa, and this delightful piece of writing.

*Ed. note: Miami artists, Naomi Fisher and Lucas Leyva also performed Ni**s in Paris for 2.5 hours straight in the context of Domingo Castillo’s Duets at Dimensions Variable in 2012.

Seriously though,

Holler at the T? if you have any tips!

Opening Flyer for Logan Hardware.

Inside of the store.


Home Away from Home

I can’t say enough about how much I love Logan Hardware, where you can’t get keys made but you can pick up the 7” that’s out of print. It’s my favorite Chicago record store, not to mention having a free arcade museum. BUT enough about me, this is about them and the new location they’ve moved to. It’s a Chicago Action Figure that gets repeated all over – one-part individual, lots of parts repetition.

The Evens poster

Originally, they were housed in an old Hardware store that was emotive architecturally as it was modern. Peep this flyer that puts the old store front-and-center as where Ian MacKaye’s The Evens were playing on July 1st. The preoccupation with their architectural persona has now officially travelled with them to their new home down Fullerton.

Their opening party flyer was a very simple line drawing of an extremely iconic, yet incredibly ubiquitous Chicago architectural figure – the corner cantilevered Oriel Bay Window or Chicago Window. This floating tube shape affords some awesome reading nooks and views to the two or three residents of the upper floors and an amazing face from the street – junk in the front. Corners like this always remind me that I’m in Chicago and not anywhere else. Another way to understand this is through its gaudy historical type, where mad money was spent to make your building stand out against brick 3-flats.

I guess I have a love affair with a classy window and a sultry shape, but who doesn’t?

I’ve passed this building an endless amount of times and always wondered about what was happening on the ground floor. I’ve never had my prayers answered where one of my favorite places decides to move in. Thank you Chicago Architectural Ether.

Logan Hardware is located at 2352 W. Fullerton.

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