So.  Lots has been happening around Chicago and we’ve hardly had time to keep up both textually and physically. But there is a lot of important news that we have not had a chance to post – some of it involving us. So, here it is, in all its glory, a winners post for many of the big midwestern fall-ish awards; Artadia, Art Prize, Propeller Grants, and New City’s “Best of the Year.” I should note before we go any further that we, your friends at Bad at Sports, were delighted to have received a propeller grant and a mention on New City’s list.

Congratulations to everyone from your friends at Bad at Sports.


The two recipients of Artadia Awards 2012 Chicago at the $15,000 level are: Tirtza Even and Deb Sokolow. The five recipients of the $3,000 awards are: Samantha Bittman, David Hartt, Lisa Lindvay, Heather Mekkelson, and Ian Weaver. (See attachment for images and descriptions of the awardees’ work.)

Art Prize:

The top winners included Adonne Khare from Burbank, Calif. for her large-scale graphite on paper drawing, Elephants, which took the $200,000, publicly decided ArtPrize Award, and Design 99 from Detroit, Mich., for Displacement (13208 Klinger St), a found artifacts installation, which was awarded the first-ever, $100,000 Juried Grand Prize. Other winners include… Alois Kronschlaeger, ABCD 83, Complex Movements, Dale Rogers, Paul Amenta, and Ann Morton. Popular vote winners… Richard Morse, Mark Carpenter and Dan Johnson, Dan Heffron, Kumi Yamashita, Dennis Harris, Sandra Bryant, and Chris LaPorte.

Prop Grant (a list we are honored to be on)

America/n, Area Chicago’s Issue #13, Art Patch Project (APP), Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE), The Chicago Television Project,Comfort Station, A Day Without Public Art in Pilsen, Extinct Entities,  The Franklin, GLI.TC/H, Bad at Sports, Prison-Neighborhood Arts Project, Rooting: Regional Networks, Global Concerns,  Splitbeam, and Southside Hub of Production (SHoP)

New City Best of Chicago (another list we are honored to be on for the full break down check out Dan Tucker’s list here.)

Best international showing of Chicago artists
Documenta13 in Kassel, Germany

Best dinner party with Fascists, Anarchists and Feminists
Feast at the Smart Museum

Best marching band documentary by the best Chicago artist that is not a Chicago artist
Cauleen Smith at the MCA

Best art museum that is not an art museum
The Jane Addams Hull House Museum

Best conceptually complicated exhibition to be mounted in what is essentially an office
“PROGRAM / SUFFER / ABSTAIN / DEPROGRAM” Presidents Gallery at Harold Washington College

Best art interview LP
Bad at Sports

Best political art performance reenactment
Iraq Veterans Against the War

Best shout out to the Black Power poet Amiri Baraka at EXPO Chicago
Anthony Romero and Jillian Soto reading

Best art reading
“MORE” curated by Laurie Palmer at Threewalls.

Best critical art project in Chicago this year
Chicago Torture Justice Memorials project

Full Best of here.

So there you go folks! Next time we will be faster about the posting.


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