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Flyer by Evan Lennox

BYOB is a series of one-night exhibitions in which artists explore the medium of projection using their own “beamers” (projectors). BYOB has taken place in more than 40 cities throughout the world. Originally conceived by artist Rafaël Rozendaal, BYOB Chicago brings together Chicago-based artists to create a collaborative happening of multiple, simultaneous video projections that fill the walls of the museum’s café, Puck’s at the MCA. BYOB Chicago is organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago in collaboration with Nicholas O’Brien and Brian Khek.

BYOB at the MCA also launches a new 3rd Tuesday series at the MCA called Internet Superheroes to feature art and technology work “who make the virtual world worth living.” All events, including tonight’s extravaganza, last from 6-7pm.

.gif by Rachel Milton

.gif by Jon Cates

.gif by Brian Khek

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