"Goodtimes" by Siebren Versteeg at Meulensteen



Here are a few last minute Art Review Haikus for then end of the year. It’s been a productive year in NYC. Shout outs from the NYC Bureau.


Siebren Versteeg at Meulensteen

Culture wash, Al-Gore-rhythms
Neigh! painted…printed


Maurizio Cattelan at the Guggenheim

Hung, like a nude clown
A taxidermic history
Last stand or fake death?


Sarah Braman at Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Domestic dirt tag
Suburban kaleidoscope
Ripped trailer sunset


Rebecca Goyette film “Lobsta Rollin” and “Touch My Hull”

Golden lobster porn
Jiz blushed mayo shifts starboard
Salty sinister lick


– a note about these Haikus. I wrote them before the passing of Helen Frankenthaler, this is dedicated to her, one of my favorite Color Field painters. – amanda


amanda browder

Amanda Browder is an artist/podcaster who lives in Brooklyn, NY.She is a founding member of the Bad at Sports podcast, and now heads the NYC branch. Make sure to check out her website www.amandabrowder.com for her updates and new installations. If you ask nicely she might make your apartment a new covering.

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