Ahoy again, me mateys! Thar be arts in them thar  waters. Yarg! And for this week’s briny picks, we’ll be casting broad our ores…or something. Ok, enough of that. But really, we are a bit scattered about for this weekend’s picks. I’ll be driving my trusty Jeep round, dashing through the snow and such. Perhaps, I’ll see yo ass out there? And now…

The True and Trusty Top 5:

1. Matters at Golden

Golden Gallery has impressed me with their selection of work since they opened about a year and a half ago with my buddy Jill Frank’s work. This round looks like more of the same, in the good way. Opening this week is a solo show of Joseph Cassan. And really, anyone who can take Kleenex and a bloody Band Aid, put it together, and make me think of Caravaggio is worth a look in by book. Rock on, dear Golden Gallery.

Golden Gallery is located at 816 W. Newport. Opening reception is Friday from 6-9pm.

2. The Dog and the Wolf at Monique Meloche

I friggin’ love Laura Letinsky. ‘Nuff said. She’s having a solo show at Meloche’s joint. Go see the show.

Monique Meloche is located at 2154 W. Division St. Opening reception is Saturday from 4-7pm.

3. 4.01162010 at MVSEVM

Another numerically titled show from those great kids over at MVSEVM. This round, participants in the group madness include Karen Archey, Chris Bradley, Brian Dongarra, Dominic Paul Moore, Montgomery Perry Smith, and David Schafer. Probably no taxidermied squirrels or words in the bathtub this round, but lets see what awesome thing gets added to the list of weird shit from MVSEVM. Hooray!

MVSEVM is located at 1626 N. California Ave. Opening reception is Saturday from 6-10pm.

4. Armita Raafat at ThreeWalls

For their inaugural exhibition in their newly remodeled space, the ThreeWalls crew is putting on a solo show of Armita Raafat’s work. And I quote: “Referencing Islamic and Persian architecture, Raafat applies ornament in a state of ruin, often to the perimeter of the site, with patterns spreading, dripping and crumbling from corner to floor.” Just remember, no more Grolshc.

ThreeWalls is located at 119 N. Peoria. Opening reception is Friday from 6-9pm.

5. Surabhi Sarafat at Transistor Chicago

Not quite sure about this one, but it looked like it could be promising. And I quote: “Surabhi is a new media artist whose work brings together elements from experimental sound art, classical music, choreography and video art.” Oh, and it’s BYOB, so bring your flask along!

Transistor Chicago is located at 5045 N. Clarke St. Show/performance starts Friday at 8pm.

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