Movie Title Stills Collection

March 19, 2010 · Print This Article

Christian Annyas is a graphic designer and like me a huge cinema buff and has gone about capturing the title card (and in some cases the end title card) for some of the greatest films from 1900-2010 and loaded them into one site.

From film greats like
“The Third Man”
“The Maltese Falcon”
“The Red Shoes”

to more recent works like

“Raging Bull”
“Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom”
“Twelve Monkeys”
“The Virgin Suicides”

Plus many many more that are even better. It is defenetly worth a check and the only thing missing is the overlook of the masterful mock titles from the Loony Tunes catalog that play homage to these great films & Bruce Tim’s even more artful tribute with Batman in the 90’s

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