reports on the conversation between Carlo McCormick and Jeffrey Deitch that took place at apexart last week: In a Farewell Address, Jeffrey Deitch Voices Ambivalence. Written by Andrew Russeth, the post appeared a day after the talk took place. Two corrections: Bad at Sports isn’t a ‘curatorial’ collective, and the photograph posted alongside the article was taken by Bad at Sports’ Meg Onli (and originally posted on our Twitter page), but was not credited thusly. But these are minor quibbles – anyone who can attend a talk, grab the best quotes, synthesize information and produce a well-written writeup in a matter of hours has our respect. Oh and hey!!– on the podcast this week, you can listen to the McCormick/Deitch conversation for yourself, in full. So have at it!

Carlo McCormick and Jeffrey Deitch in conversation at apexart. Photo: Meg Onli/Bad at Sports