Yoko Ono 1933-2009

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funeral flowersYoko Ono while returning to Montreal on Tuesday to unveil an art exhibit celebrating the week 40 years ago she famously stayed in bed with her husband John Lennon in a hotel room high above downtown Montreal and slept in about peace died of massive trauma to the head when the “Yes Painting” complete with ladder & magnifying glass fell on her.

Ono was in the city for the anniversary of the 1969 bed-in, which is being marked by an exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, titled Imagine: The Peace Ballad of John & Yoko. The exhibit would have opened Thursday.

“Montreal means very much for me because it was a place where John and I created a very important statement,” the 76-year-old artist told reporters at the museum on Tuesday right before saying “Oww oww that ladder is crushing my bones, get it off get it off, I have brittle bones from Coprophagia so this really hurts”

That went on for 30 minuets while local pedagogues and reporters documented and critiqued the latest and unbeknownst to them final performance art work by Ms. Ono.

Montreal’s city coroner ruled that it was an accident but Mark Kostabi is wanted for questioning in relation to the event since as the Police Chief said:

“This seems like the kind of shameless promotional work that he would do” and followed up with “Plus I always wanted to meet him, I have one of his paintings over my desk, you know the one with the gray androgynous human figure in a empty room holding a odd but ironic object that fits nicely with the title, he’s so handsome too.”

Kostabi’s lawyers have released a statement that he has a solid alibi since he has been in Rome for almost a decade doing nothing.

More to come as it unfolds this sad sad April 1st, 2009.

6 thoughts on “Yoko Ono 1933-2009”

  1. Christopher says:

    In other actual news, Angel star Hallett dies aged 33

    Andy Hallett, a singer who gained fame portraying the green-skinned demon Lorne on the cult TV series Angel, has died of congestive heart disease aged 33.

  2. Claudine says:

    Very nice! I skimmed it on my RSS and gotta admit — you did get me for a few seconds there! Happy April.

  3. duncan. says:

    You also got me. Damn, good thing I only told my wife.


  4. Amanda B-Rowder says:

    busted my butt! MAN! yeah i almost texted EVERYONE…..i am a fool. HA! cheers bub. amanda

  5. Issa says:

    a co-worker tried to tell me this story… hehehe…pretty late for an april fool’s trick?!hahaha… A good laugh, though.

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