Green Lantern
Without You I am Nothing: Cultural Democracy from Providence and Chicago
03.27.09 – 04.25.09
1511 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Second Floor

“Without You I am Nothing: Cultural Democracy from Providence and Chicago is an exhibition of works on paper that are not intended for public consumption but to create small venues for public participation.”
Kavi Gupta
Vaguely Paperly
Mar 27 – May 9, 2009
835 W. Washington Blvd.
“Vaguely Paperly,” a group exhibition curated by Chris Johanson brings together a diverse group of artists who create works on paper utilizing varying mediums and techniques. The artists in this exhibition approach paper as a painting surface as well as a sculptural medium and address issues of re-use, repetition, memory, and personal politics.”

Rhonna Hoffman
Spencer Finch
Light,Time, Chemistry
3/27/2009 – 5/2/2009
“photographic device composed of mirrors and duct vents that extends out through the gallery window and allows a view of the sky from indoors.”
Roots & Culture
March 27th- May 2nd: “I Don’t Believe You” new work by Jamisen Ogg and Oli Watt
with Lauren Anderson in the Noble St. Gallery

Golden Age
1744 W 18th Street
Chicago, IL 60608
Saturday March 28, 7-10PM
“Artists Lukas Geronimas and David Horvitz have created a touring game-cum-performance entitled The Box Game, in which YOU decide “What’s in the Box?””

New York City Gold Coast
Elizabeth Weiss
March 28th
55 W. Chestnut St. APT. 2205, Chicago, IL 60610
“New York City Gold Coast presents a solo exhibition of new works from young artist Elizabeth Weiss. you can’t just change your mind, a series of paintings, drawings, and sculptures hopes to explore questions of cognition and understanding with playful, casual, formal relationships. Opening reception March 28th 6pm-9pm. you can’t just change your mind, you can’t just change your mind, you can’t just change your mind.”
*image: Angelina Gualdoni, Blush, at Kavi Gupta this Friday

Meg Onli

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