Tate Modern Removes Nude Brooke Shields Prince Photo After Police Visit

October 2, 2009 · Print This Article

Spiritual America by Richard Prince

Photographer Richard Prince’s photo “Spiritual America” was removed from the upcoming Tate Modern exhibition “Pop Life” (opening tomorrow) after a warning from Scotland Yard that the nude image of actress Brooke Shields aged 10 and heavily made up could break obscenity laws.

The officers spoke to the Tate after seeing promotional material in the newspaper and not via complaints that were issued to the office.

Read more about the history of the photo and it’s background at the Guardian article.

One thought on “Tate Modern Removes Nude Brooke Shields Prince Photo After Police Visit”

  1. otto117 says:

    The Tate is a disgrace to cave in to pressure from the OPS. And it has censored itself once again by removing 34 images by Graham Ovenden from its website. The proof is here:


    What will it take to smack some sense into the art establishment and public intellectuals that they need to take a stand, not march in lockstep with the censors?

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