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PhotobucketLast night I checked out a screener for an upcoming film Eye of the Sandman. I should say that the version I saw was not complete. The soundtrack and sound effects were not totally done, leaving the film void of any sound in a couple of the scenes. I actually enjoyed some of these scenes the best. The film has an air of poorly acted community theater and the scenes seemed even more enhanced when actors would silently play a piano or cars would drive by without any sound. I would also like to state that ironic tongue in cheek films are not my thing. That being prefaced, Eye of the Sandman directed by M.T. Cozzola, Jeffrey McHale, Dennis Belogorsky tells the tale of a woman who has recently inherited a rather spooky mansion in the middle of nowhere. While her and her fiancé begin to tour her newly acquired home they are greeted by an eerie scientist who manipulates his way into staying with them while Natalie, our main character who happens to coordinate her eye patches with her outfits (I counted eight), attempts to avoid her past and marry her long time fiancé.

The film was produced by Chicago-based not for profit Split Pillow. I was unfamiliar with this organization but was interested in checking out the film because of their Chicago roots. Aesthetically the film seems pretty well produced. The shots are well framed and the “spook” scenes hark back to early horror films. The acting on the other hand, although purposeful, was poor at best and the screenplay could have been stronger with flushing out some of it’s plays on the horror genre. I did however find it interesting that I might have enjoyed this film more if it was a web based series. Sort of in the vein or Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog or Chad Vader. Although clocking in at only 75mins the humor was a bit trying. Watching it in smaller 10 minute segments might have been a bit more enjoyable and less predictable. If you are interested in supporting a local Chicago organization and enjoy ironic humor and possibly one of the weakest lesbian kisses on film then check out Eye of the Sandman.

Eye of the Sandman will be playing the following dates at the GSFC
November 20th-8:00pm
November 21st-8:00pm
November 23rd-8:00pm

The Gene Siskel Film Center is located at:

164 North State Street
Chicago, Illinois 60601

For more info check out Split Pillow’s site.

For ticket information check out the GSFC’s site.

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