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June 26, 2009 · Print This Article


Mark Chamberlain, untitled, From the Gay Batman series

Man, this week sort of sucked. Not only did Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson die in the same day but there were layoffs in multiple museums and Kodak’s Kodachrome was discontinued. Bummer. This weekend however is Pride weekend in Chicago so if you want to see what we at Bad at Sports do best, grab a drink with me in boystown. Let it be known that no one better fall off a float this year.

  • Congrats Lumpen! 18 years and counting. Go celebrate at the Co-Prosperity Sphere tonight.
  • This week saw the Launch of the Guggenheim Forum.
  • Loyd Dobler vs. The Man. What’s going to happen to the apartment scene if this keeps happening?
  • Glen E Friedman on the death of Kodachrome.
  • Arturo Herrera on Art21
  • Two things I love Cats and Documentaries: Cat Ladies (via C-Monster)
  • Artkrush showed us Kalup Linzy’s new video for Proenza Schouler at Pitti W in Florence.
  • Art 21 announces who will be featured in season 5. Including Jeff Koons,Yinka Shonibare, Cindy Sherman, and Paul McCarthy to name a few.
  • Found footage of Vaslav Nijinsky…or not...
  • Yinka Shonibare’s new show opens at the Brooklyn Museum today. The New York time has a feature.
  • Munich Art Fair canceled
  • There were rumors over the Spertus laying off the majority of their staff.
  • Michael Jackson, the art muse.
  • Snoop Dog paying his respects to Michal Jackson the only way he knows how.
  • Art Fag City’s Best Link Ever is seriously entertaining. I just wasted an hour reading “Emails from an Asshole.”
  • When Sex Wax met Damien Hirst.  (via The Worlds Best Ever)
  • The Met laid off 14% of staff instead of the estimated 10%.

  • Have a good weekend everyone!

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