Four 35ft Interactive Installation Art Screens Adorn Microsoft Campus

September 25, 2009 · Print This Article

Mode Studios designed and installed four 35ft long Interactive Installation Art Screens throughout the International Headquarters of Microsoft. The screen is made up of a horizontal series of hanging vertical tubes with LEDs built into them to create a solid image. The visual display is completely procedural without any prerecorded interactions or video. Everything that is shown is a byproduct of multiple variables from room traffic, weather, noise and heat in the focus locations in the room to create the movements or subjects on the screen with the potential of never showing the same interaction twice. The video of the installation is below and apart from the promotion hard sell it is a good example of art installation tech that is growing now.

3 thoughts on “Four 35ft Interactive Installation Art Screens Adorn Microsoft Campus”

  1. MSB says:

    I don’t know. Cutting edge it is not, as art, perhaps as tech. Aesthetically it is a very expensive kaleidoscope. The hand thing is cool.

  2. Pink Ninja says:

    I think it is oke, not really innovative but still oke..

  3. Christopher says:

    That’s the thing about tech is it enables artists to have tools to create with. Vegetable Dye Screen Print transfer was around a bit before Robert Rauschenberg converted to it.

    This is the same, it is an impressive mobile installation technically usually work of this kind has a semi permanent install footprint. They executed in such a way as to create a flat screen from individually hanging pipes. It’s an interesting bridge to drop the overall cost to a level fine art can grasp.

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