Episode 216: WhiteWalls & The Return of the Book Review

October 18, 2009 · Print This Article

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This week Duncan and Richard talk to Anthony Elms about WhiteWalls! Also the book review has made its glorious return. Terri and Joanna review “The American Painter Emma Dial” by Samantha Peale. Rejoice and be glad!

Anthony Elms

Anthony Elms

Anthony Elms
Green Lantern Press
Temporary Services
Gallery 400
The American Painter Emma Dial: A Novel
Buzz Spector
Regan and Roberta Upshaw
Tim Porges
Susan Snodgrass
Mary Patten
National Endowment for the Arts
Adelheid Mers
Glenn Ligon
Gaylen Gerber
Joseph Grigely
University of Chicago Press
Susan Bielstein
Centre Pompidou
Printed Matter

One thought on “Episode 216: WhiteWalls & The Return of the Book Review”

  1. Paul Klein says:

    Any ‘decent’ book on art is ‘good,” but the Emma Dial book, though a pleasant read, was thoroughly mediocre, written by someone with a limited view of the art world. Her knowledge is sufficiently incomplete as to compromise the book.

    Everything is mundane and shallow – even the sex scenes. To be a good artist or a good writer one needs life experiences. Ms. Peale was not prepared to write this book.

    Not many art books get me roaring with laughter or aghast responses, but Richard Polsky’s newest work, though not a novel, (I Sold Andy Warhol Too Soon) is a much better read than Emma Dial.

    And sitting on the counter waiting for me to pick up is book with the most amazing reviews I’ve ever seen; Provenance.

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