Episode 176: Southern Exposure

January 11, 2009 · Print This Article

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This week: Brian and Patricia sit down with Southern Exposure’s executive director Courtney Fink. Courtney describes how one of San Francisco’s oldest non-profit art spaces evolved during its many recent relocations around the mission district.

Southern Exposure is a 34 year old, non-profit, artist-run organization dedicated to presenting diverse, innovative, contemporary art, arts education, and related programs and events in an accessible environment. Southern Exposure reaches out to diverse audiences and serves as a forum and resource center to provide extraordinary support to the Bay Area’s arts and educational communities. Activities range from exhibitions of local, regional, and international visual artists’ work, education programs, and lectures, panel discussions, and performances. Southern Exposure is dedicated to giving artists—whether they are exhibiting, curating, teaching, or learning—an opportunity to realize ideas for projects that may not otherwise find support.

ALSO: Mike Benedetto reviews Twilight! Mike’s masterpiece of criticism. He imitates a werewolf. Not to be missed!

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Southern Exposure
Alternative Exposure
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Golden Gate National Parks Service
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Making Waves
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7 thoughts on “Episode 176: Southern Exposure”

  1. Gam says:


    How about getting sponsors for your individual podcasts – or for your site?

    A Blicks blurb for Episode 180 ?

  2. Gam says:

    Sorry – I couldn’t find an email contact for suggestions –

  3. Richard says:

    We have always been anti-advertising due to the conflicts that are inevitable with that sort of thing.

    However we are discussing it. We don’t require huge sums to operate we are trying our low impact pledge drive first before we consider other options.

    We once applied for and received a CAAP grant, but for the $500 or $1000 we received the rules and paperwork were so onerous we decided to continue out of pocket (not to look a gift horse in the mouth!!!).

  4. tony fitzpatrick says:

    Why would you not sell ads? Artnet does….not-for-profits are set up to lose — you guys provide a salient service — sell some ads– pay yourselves.

  5. Gam says:

    Yeah too much noise is distracting, but when you do an interstate podcast say in San Fanscisco, xould you not do a verbal sponsorship for say American Airlines or Best Western at the beginning of the podcast – then you have the ad only once and the listeners could even skip over the first 30 seconds to avoid it if desired? Just a supporter but done verbally in the podcast at the beginning or end. Might be a noise/funds compromise.

  6. Gam says:

    I won’t belabor this, but check out http://fora.tv/ to see how this outfits’ vizcasts have sponsors. (scroll to bottom of page)

  7. ben says:

    good show this week. lots of valuable information about maintaining a serious alternative operation.
    i agree that pertinent ads on BAS would not necessarily cheapen the integrity of the site. is there any marketing money from art fairs, galleries, or city department’s of tourism floating around?
    you guys provide lots of word of mouth for the places you support.

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