Crips and Bloods: Made in America

February 6, 2009 · Print This Article

February 6th-10th
Gene Siskel Film Center

Ever since I heard about Stacy Perralta’s (Dogtown and Z-Boys) latest documentary Crips and Bloods: Made in America several months ago I have been waiting for the film to make it to the Midwest. CBMA looks at the roots of Los Angeles’ two most notorious gangs through interviews with current and former members and traces it’s not so violent origins.

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For More information please visit the Gene Siskel’s website.

One thought on “Crips and Bloods: Made in America”

  1. Ameer Rashad says:

    African American gangs in Los Angeles back in late 40’s as such. Bochey gang in the late the 40’s and in the early fifties we have Don Juans, Roman 20’s , Golden Earrings, Farmers, Voodoo man’s Low Rider’s(they were the first and coin the name low Riders)Daddy Rolling Stones, Satan Saints, Skull, Pueblos Del Rio (matadores,conquistadores).
    Also we have Gangs came from the fifty to the sixty, the likes of Huns of Watts Orientals of Watts and Dartalians of Watts and Farmers of the fifty or Watts. We also have the Slauson (warlords, renagades,flips,assiaasins) Bop Town, Gladitors(Del Vikings)Businessmen (Daddy Rolling stones, crown forties, Roman Pearls,)Roman Pearls combination of JR.Business and Gladitors. Outlaws , Roman 20’s Blood Brothers,(47) Ross Snyder(park boys)Rebel Rousers, Bartenders, Democrats related with Outlaws.
    I must said these gangs were differnt in nature than with the bloods and crips. There were very little murdering going and most of members were junior and high school of age. Hardly anyone past 20 would be still in gangs like whats going on with Bloods and Crips. I will love to go to the root of why members of gang stay on way past teenage years. The main reason were narcotices trafficking and sells terriotories of sells. So it became economical feasable to hold together as a gang for protection. Most of this happen in the late seventies and eighties.
    What brought the gangs together in the sixties was the Watts riots. Gangs drop their assoication and went into communities programs to help their community. US organization and Panther Party, Also the Nation of Islam were genisis of all these organization. I will go into detail of the physic of the gang members in my next writing this just was brief analysics the black gang in Los Angeles


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