Breaking News: Art Institute Layoffs

June 18, 2009 · Print This Article

pinkslipWe just heard that The Art Institute of Chicago has laid of a good many of it’s employees today and there will be a town-hall tomorrow where other cost saving measures will be announced.

To those who lost their jobs today, be sure to thank Alderman Burke…..

Office: 773-471-1414

On behalf of everyone at Bad at Sports we know very well what this is like and hope everyone lands on their feet as quickly as this economy will allow.

59 thoughts on “Breaking News: Art Institute Layoffs”

  1. The Artists’ Project, a perfect example of much of “the problem.” I realize Tony is angry at me right now, so I risk raising his ire by agreeing with him, but the AP was to me the greatest missed opportunity for the Chicago artworld in a long long time.

    I took part in the first, against better advice, being excited by Tony’s original idea and thinking that if we had a success, during it we could talk to The Mart Folks and get them to see that Tony’s “Geisai” idea would be great for next time.

    I have a recurring delusion, apparently, that open discussion of issues and not personalities, even with those you see as opponents, can bring them to reason.

    Many of us in the AP did all that and were resoundingly ignored. I should have known better. The rest is history — it got worse and became MORE than a big Zero.

    Can you imagine what it would have been like if they had done his Geisai type idea? I don’t think I exaggerate when I say that is the single largest failure to grasp an opportunity of the Chicago artworld. It should be a lesson, certainly to me.

  2. The Shark says:

    which is why I took issue with their behinds being kissed on artnet -the status quo being reinforced -for everything, there is a season. Including, A Season In Hell- I consider appeasment in this instance to be tatamount to declaring war on professional artists here.

    This scene has suffered from too much niceity, too much servility, too many people afraid to rock the boat, to say anything…this is the art world, not a miss manners contest.

  3. Wall Street Journal, June 24, 2009: “Chicago is grappling with a sinking tourism-and-convention sector, plummeting revenue from real-estate transfers and a deflated financial-services industry,”


    “In response, Mr. Daley’s administration last week sent out the last of 1,500 pink slips to city workers,”

  4. The City of Pink Slipped Shoulders.

  5. Holy sheeeit. Chi-Art-Collapse beginning? See BaS Twitter on this page above or:

  6. Paul Germanos says:

    It’s sad.

    I think, Mark, that in terms of their power to draw numbers of bodies into the City, the “Big Three” permanent institutions are: Navy Pier, Lincoln Park Zoo, and the Cubs/Wrigley.

    Combined, the 4 largest museums [Shedd, MSI, AIC, Field] have a pull equal to 1/2 of the Big Three.

    And the Museum of Contemporary Art has an annual draw 1/10 the size of either of the 2 largest public [and temporary] festivals: Air & Water Show, and Taste of Chicago.

    Someone else might have more recent, or more accurate numbers. Too, the museums have controlled access points, and so are in the best position to count. And some inflation might have been practiced by certain parties. Lastly, of course, numbers don’t tell the whole story.

    But even as the Fire and Police are viewed as most essential and therefore last to be cut, it might be instructive to think about how we factor into the City’s economy as the drama is played out…

    Generous giving by private parties has made high culture possible; but the are mean times.

  7. Paul Germanos says:

    but *these* are mean times.

  8. Michael Workman says:

    I’m sorry gang. Please forgive my comments. I’ll sincerely try to stay away from BAS permanently.

  9. No one is asking you to stay away! You, as everyone, just need to keep it in the realm of discourse and away from personal attack.

    No worries.

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