What Kind of Art Do You Want To See?

July 6, 2008 · Print This Article

Chuck Connelly

On Monday July, 7th at 9pm EST on HBO “The Art of Failure: Chuck Connelly Not for Sale” Documentary airs and you can watch a reportedly embittered, drunk, divorced burn out try to make himself even more unappealing by rehashing his life in film step by step showing how he became the embittered, drunk, divorced burn out he is today……


You can watch the Rocka Fire Explosion Band (the animatronic group from showbiz pizza) perform “Love in This Club” by Usher.

This is one of those decisions that says a lot about a person. It’s a kind of Elvis or Beatles question. Or I could be full of…….

8 thoughts on “What Kind of Art Do You Want To See?”

  1. Richard says:

    Does anyone have a copy of this I’d love to see it.

  2. Sounds more like a Sky Saxon vs Any Boy Group question.

  3. ben says:

    the next hbo special should be an island reality tv show with just chuck connelly and mark kostabi. or maybe a 2 year prison cellmate series. i would buy cable for life.

  4. Christopher says:

    I ran across this and thought you might like it, and I agree with Ben I would love to see Kostabi in a reality show. He doesn’t have a off switch, they can film it in Italy where he lives and has orgasms every time he sees anything resembling a boot and he can dress in a nondescript gray outfit to look like every character he has ever paid someone to paint. Must see TV.

  5. duncan says:

    Oh, Feist WHY? Also, that shirt is a 6 out of 10. We need an excuse to film something on that set. Alright internet, how do we get Bad at Sports filming on the Sesame Street set?

  6. Oh, what a great documentary. Back when I first entered art school, I actually thought every artist was like Connelly, drunk and embittered, splashing paint around, chain smoking and foul-mouthed about the art system, because I myself was on that route. (Though, now that I think about it, there was a few teachers like Connelly that I had, and not the students.) As an artist, he still seemed motivated to do art after his prime, but I wouldn’t want to trade places with him.

    If you have Comcast On Demand, you can still catch the documentary.

  7. Bill Dolan says:

    Every time I hear that song, I want to run out and buy an iPod.

  8. Leora Lutz says:

    i saw that. kostabi said something about loving it when people buy art in bulk. he was wearing a really nice suit, whilst connelly was drunk and embittered, foul mouthed etc. – lost his wife, lost his main collector etc….kostabi went to my alma mater, and i have to say i really don’t like his work but i like the idea that he seems happy for what he does and how he works his career as a full time artist. another very well known artist here at a show recently said, “it’s not selling out, it’s just selling.” a lot of artists i work with would like to be full time, although none of them would want to be like either kostabi nor connelly….

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