Troika’s Newton Virus

March 11, 2008 · Print This Article

Artist/design collective Troika has a pretty awesome virus that will introduce gravity to you Mac’s desktop. When the virus is activated at random your desktop icons will fall down as if they have been affected by gravitational pull.

“In the beginning were harmless computer viruses. Viruses born out of the wit of early computer adopters, viruses whose sole purpose was to surprise and amuse. A non-destructive form of artificial life.

We wanted to revive this golden era, and went on to create our first computer virus. We chose to do it for mac as the platform is still a virgin territory 😉

Newton Virus comes on a USB key for manual infection. Simply plug the key into a computer and the virus will automatically copy itself on the hard drive.

The virus will then hit at random, but only once. It will not replicate itself, mail itself to your friends or destroy any of your files, but instead provides you with moments of blissful surprise and magic.â”

Watch the video here.

3 thoughts on “Troika’s Newton Virus”

  1. Richard says:

    I love the idea of this, but it has to be a hoax. I think it is a very very clever bit of video art.

    But I call shenanigans.

  2. Balzac says:

    Did anyone ever verify if this was real?

  3. OS11 says:

    Well, it’s not a virus… you can’t auto run programs from USB, launchd prevents this and would prompt for the password. granted if you did have the password it’d be a fun prank to pull on someone, but again it’s not a virus since it can’t move from Mac to Mac without the physical aid of the perpetrator.

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