Tracy Emin’s Stupid Project

March 6, 2008 · Print This Article

It seems as if I am only going to make posts about Tracy Emin. Here is the most recent news of Emin’s escapades .

“Artist Tracey Emin has spent millions on buying a large part of a historic quarter of East London, in an attempt to halt the tide of commercial and corporate development of the area, reports Vanessa Thorpe in The Guardian.

Despite the fact Emin calls it a ‘stupid project, in a way,’ her total investment will amount to just under four million pounds (eight million dollars), half of which will be spent on returning a former weaving works, known as Tenter Ground, in Spitalfields, to its original form. She plans to use the area as a vast studio when restoration work is complete in two and a half years’ time. ‘It is a listed building, and it is important to me to keep artists working in the area and keep it in artisan use.

And also not to have it turned into a hotel or restaurant,’ she told The Observer.

3 thoughts on “Tracy Emin’s Stupid Project”

  1. Christopher says:

    It isn’t a stupid project, it is the very thing that real estate investors have been doing for decades when artists are done cleaning any given area. Just this time it is an artist with the cash (or in this case quid) to do it herself.

    It’s the gentrification that everyone befouls and gnashes teeth about but with a artistic and cultural focus. It will be interesting to see how she tackles the project in 5-8 years when the costs begin to add up and the weaving works possibly doesn’t pay it’s way?

    I give her big props for putting the money behind the idea though no mater who you are 8 mil American isn’t small money. Not knowing a lot about Tracy Emin is this typical for her to put this kind of cash down for a “work” what kind of background givers her that much liquid to spend?

  2. maykr says:

    That Tracy Emin sure is a pretty man.

  3. duncan. says:

    Jesus, those english artist must make insane money. I guess she was paid well for shilling for Bombay Sapphire.

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