The Scariest Thing Ever

January 22, 2008 · Print This Article

Removed by request
I don’t think I can sleep after seeing this, and the scorpion is scarry too.

23 Responses to “The Scariest Thing Ever”

  1. I may never sleep again

  2. I must say, Scott has that axe murderer look about him.

  3. Do you have permission to use this photograph?

  4. tony fitzpatrick Says:

    So…. I guess I’m not the scariest looking bald guy in Chicago anymore….

  5. The next shot in this series is even scarier…

  6. Michael Workman Says:

    Holy God.

  7. Scott,

    Can we use your photo. Otherwise I will claim that we are using it for journalistic purposes and await the cease and desist. Damages will be a bitch to prove as we don’t actually make any money.

    Maybe it’d be easier to use Bill’s it should be covered by fair use parody.


  8. Maybe Western Exhibitions could host a “Modify Scott’s Photo” contest and exhibition!!!

  9. Seriously Scott, you know BAS has nothing but love for you! It’s all in good fun.

    Besides, you look like you’d kick our asses in that photo.

  10. Don’t worry about it, this time, lawyerboy.

  11. We would only want to piss you off intentionally, not accidentally.

  12. I like Bill’s version — needs a caption — “I’m gonna sting your ass BAS!”

  13. Richard,

    put the goddamn phot back up — it gives pleasure to too many people.


  14. Hey,

    My suggestion to take it down, was sent some hours ago, I have asked to have it put back but Chris’s turnaround time take a bit… He’s a busy guy.

  15. I just got the internet installer out to the new house so I am back on the crack and everything has been updated.

  16. Save some crack for me!

  17. atha clarke Says:

    Speh at glamour shots!! Who knew?

  18. that pic w the bald guy n the scorpion is so not scary

  19. the baldy is so not scary!

  20. JASHDsnjfl Says:


  21. Yea he use to work at my old school!

  22. Micko,

    Now Scott runs Western Exhibitions full time and loves it when you bring him coffee and a donut. I advise it.


  23. I didnt think it was scary.

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